Getter Robo Armeggedon

To begin with, sorry for the lateness of this particular review. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while, but i refused to do so until i could rewatch it all in my spiffy new dvd box set(which is cool). Having had time to do it recently here comes the fun. Also grading wise im having two grades, one in the mecha type status and one in the general anime that i normally have, im too much of a mecha fanboy to try and keep the two together without this whole reveiw being perfect praise, and i realize that aside from my love of all things mecha, it isn’t.

Name: Getter Robo Armeggedon
Genre: BIG Mecha/Drama
number of episodes: 13

Plot = B+/B-
Characters = A/B-
Music = B/B-
Overall= A-/C+

General Outlook:
Well lets begin with a lil backstory. Getters are 1) a type of robot, particular a type that was originally introduced in Manzinger Z one of the greatest mecha shows of all time(brought here in the states in the 60’s as Tranzor Z). and 2) a type of “radiation” or energy that irradiates the universe. It is harnessed in the getter robots(and others) to well, do all kinds of the fun giant robot stuff we love. It is also the riddle at the center of the plot in Armegeddon. Also, this is the vision from Go Nagai(read, violent, manga fun god of things in general). He’s fun for all tons of stuff, but of recent note Devil Lady(and Devil man as well, but the latter is a shorter series as Lady ended up being the one he liked better). So the story itself picks up some years after an alien invasion/attack. Mankind fought back and destroyed the invaders as they were called, but now it seems not all is right. Invaders show up out of nowhere. Mankind is once again on the balance but something even bigger is about to happen. Needless to say, and this isnt much of a spoiler at all, but the real story doesnt even pick up until the earth is nuked with some hydrogen bombs(thats Nagai for ya). The focus is on the group of warriors who pilot one of the last remaining getters into battle, to push back the invaders and help an enslaved human race…but thats not all. Tons of giant mecha bashing, smashing, and blowing shit up. Full of the trademarks such as shouting out attacks, taking damage with your giant mech in battle and mysterious characters and people who refuse to die.(ALOT) Not exactly something for everyone but if your an obsessed nut like me this is perfect. For everyone else, it may be some enjoyable if cheesy fun for a weekend.

Not great, not bad, its the typical music of anime. To most of you listeners it will be more of that music which sounds ok, but is made even better by being in a langauge you cant understand(well some of us can, but that doesnt make it better). The opening and ending are ok, i like them but the love of all things mecha does not neccesarily extend to the music(except where characters/robot themes are involved).

Ah, such a great cast of Characters. There is the typically evil?(maybe, maybe not) scientist who seems to have a HUGE Dr.Wiley complex. The members from an old Getter team that fought in the last war.(Getters are piloted at full potential by 3 pilots, it can be done with one or two, but three brigns out its full potential). The odd and mysterious villians with annoying voices(in english and japanese, dear god why must all villians go to whiny school at some point?) The atypically typical tomboy/main heroine. Mysterious figures, clones, one more mad scientist for fun(this one more like Igor thany anything else) and oh yeah, the BIG FUCKING ROBOTS!! Dont look for character development like Lain or anything else here, but expect great, sometimes cliche sometimes just BADASS characters who can pilot big mecha, and kick serious ass.

My Thoughts(and spoilers):
If your a mecha fan, you wont be dissapointed. Transformations, laser beams o death, giant swords, axes, guns, etc. It’s all there. Apocalyptic war with no real DEEP thought behind it. Yeah theres thought, but this isnt a introspection into man’s primal fears or some other psycho babble bullshit, this is just gritty and yes damnit cheesy action. Come in expecting nothing more than a good time and you wont be dissapointed.

By Darknight ZO

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