Goku: Midnight Eye

Urban Vision
Running Time: 60 Mins
MSRP: $19.99
Format: Dubbed VHS

Yoshiaki Kawajiri (Ninja Scroll), Buichi Terasawa (Space Adventure Cobra), and Madhouse. What do all of these familiar names have in common with Goku: Midnight Eye? They are the director, writer, and animation studio behind Goku. So with talent like this, how could any title go wrong?

Goku is a former cop turned private eye who finds himself thrown into a damn big mess. There has been a rash of police suicides within the past six months which, coincidentally enough, coincides with the investigation of Genji Hakuru. Hakuru is a big-time arms dealer who has developed a pretty nasty virus; problem is that anybody who gets in his way ends up dead by suicide. Or that’s what it looks like anyway. In reality, the victims are hypnotized by one of Genji’s minions. A beautiful woman with peacock feathers in the shape of eyes…

When Goku encounters this woman he sacrifices his left eye to save himself from certain death. When he wakes up, he finds himself in an unfamiliar room with his left eye intact. It’s not just intact however. It has been replaced with a computer terminal that can access and control any computer in the world. All in the shape of his original eye. As you can probably guess, Goku comes back to action with this new weapon and makes Genji’s life a living hell.

This title is a darn good show. If you’ve ever seen a Kawajiri show, you’ll know how the style and action of this show is. The action and storyline never feels rushed and it flows very well throughout the entire episode. The character designs and art is also very well done (reminds me of Biohunter, another Urban Vision title). In addition to all this, Goku is also a pretty good dub as well. The voices match up with the characters nicely and the acting is pretty decent. David Lucas (Spike, Cowboy Bebop) really gives Goku some personality, especially when it requires Goku to be a badass mofo.

There is one thing that brings this title down. The big plot hole known as “the man who gave Goku the left eye for no apparent reason other than to give Goku the eye to drive the title forward.” Yep. No reason was given as to why Goku was given the eye nor do we know about the man who gave Goku the ability to destroy the world (access and control to every single computer in the world? Gimme please)! Hopefully, this will be explained in the next episode. One would hope so anyways.

Despite the plot hole, Goku: Midnight Eye is pretty good action flick. It has some nice character designs, pretty good action, and a decent story. Check it out if you get the chance.

By Raven

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