Golden Cain

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Written by: You Asagiri
Published by: Be Beautiful
Release Date: August 25, 2004
Genre: Yaoi, Romance, Drama.
Age: Hmmm…How can I put this in ways you’ll understand…ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR CHILDREN. I mean ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR CHILDREN!!!

Shun is a troubled kid, his brother seemed to the perfect son that everyone loved, but something happened to Shun’s brother, Keiichi, and Shun now blames himself for everything. His mom and dad–who due to the lack of originality names are “mom” and “dad”– don’t have much of a connection to their son Shun. This happy little family is broken.

Shun doesn’t have much a home to go home too, he still mangas to do well in school, but as gotten involved with a bad group. One night one of Shun’s friends invites him to meeting, which turns out to be leather-master&slave-satanic cult. Their leader requests the aid of virgin, to sacrifice to their master. Shun thinking that it’s some kind of punk rock bad makes a smart remark about the whole thing, which irritates the leader and Shun is picked out. This is where it starts to get pretty graphic, Shun is about to get raped for the dark master Satan. Luckily for his sorry arse, literally, a mysterious figure jumps in and saves Shun from certain sodomfication. The mysterious figure turns out to be the world famous male model, Cain. When Shun realizes who it is, he tells Cain that’s he’s been a great fan; Keiichi has been talking about Cain for so long, and when Keiichi got into the accident Shun too became obsessed with Cain. Shun is hypnotized by Cain’s beauty and soon finds himself in Cain’s arms. Shun catches himself before anything ‘bad’ happens, but he can’t resist. Cain takes Shun into his arms… well you can guess what happens here. ^^

After Cain tells Shun that he’d never be same again, Shun brushes it off as one night of heated passion and return to his daily life as a A student in school. However, his stable life is about to change. Shun’s professor asks Shun to show the new transfer student around the school; to Shun’s surprise it’s Cain, apparently his mother owns a very large charity organization so they bent the rules to let Cain in. The girls can’t get enough of him, but Cain doesn’t care.

Over time Shun and Cain get closer together–the sex gets longer and hardcore too. Cain explains that this is his first time in Japan and he came here to find someone, and that person is Shun. His former lover left him in Europe for someone else in Japan, and Cain came to find that person. Soon however their relationship is threatened when someone starts sending pictures of both Cain and Shun together and plans to blackmail them unless Shun goes to their location to be sacrificed a.k.a gangbanged. Shun decides to go through with it to save Cain’s reputation. Cain however doesn’t care about his reputation; he only cares for his love Shun. Cain won’ t let Shun be used by anyone besides himself. ^.^ Will he be able to stop Shun?

All the while, you’ll discover some things some things about Shun’s brother and what connection it has to Shun and Cain’s relations. Trust me the ending will be out of this world, and into the world of bizarre, but don’t worry the sex scene covers all of that.


If you’re a smut for yaoi manga, you’ll like this; however this manga is missing so many other things that I have to say besides the sex there’s nothing of interest in this manga. The plot doesn’t build up to anything and everything is pretty random. When the mystery behind Keiichi is resolved you’d be pretty upset as it is probably the dumbest climax I’ve ever seen. The sex scenes take up most of this manga, and you’d finish reading it in half the time you would a typical non-yaoi/hentai manga with practically nothing besides a guilty concious. The characters are pretty shallow, and even though the manga tries to present a mystery aspect to it all they fail to do so. There’s hardly any dept to this, then again this is a yaoi manga I probably shouldn’t have been looking for dept in the first place; Shun is a puss, and Cain is just too damn horny. If you want a intense Yaoi manga and is willing to sacrifice plot, dept and interesting characters for it you’ll like this; I however can’t say I really liked it, although whenever I open this manga I get my daily requirement of Yaoi action. Embarassed Don’t look at me with those condemming eyes.


By Cherubim

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