Google Reader no more

Not that I care about Google Reader, but someone should resurrect Gregarius so people can make their own alternatives.
Another fine example about why you should take control of your online presence and stop relying on third party services, especially third party services whose core business is selling ads.

Google Store

2013 in mobile

Windows Fail

Well waddayaknow, it’s 2013 already. No idea what the year is going to bring, but just the news from the first few days promises that it’s going to be an interesting year for mobile phones and tablets.
Microsoft still doesn’t understand consumers. It’s amazing how they can keep getting things wrong for years on end even with so many examples of how it can be improved. Hell even Samsung is better at copying Apple.

Ubuntu is heading to phones, and while it looks lovely I think Mark’s doing a little too much wishful thinking, not to mention he’s been watching Steve’s keynotes a bit too much, from the choice of outfit, hand gestures and using words like ‘magical’:

‘Ubuntu is the first platform to offer full convergence across mobile, the cloud and desktop computers…’ really Mark? Really? Somehow makes it look less serious and more ‘awww, cute, look at him try’. Which explains the top comment at the moment.

Samsung and others are beginning to realize that Windows Phone won’t be going anywhere and Android isn’t quite what Google promised, and promised, and promised. And so Samsung is looking at Tizen, an Open Source mobile platform. No idea what this is going to bring but at least it’s open and made for the sake of being a great platform, instead of just made for the sake of offering a Google search bar. Hell even Google itself is making better Google apps for iOS than for Android. Sweet irony.

Meanwhile said Google seems to have developed a grudge against Microsoft and is currently blocking Maps from being accessed on a WP device. Which comes after them blocking YouTube access, which comes after cutting ActiveSync support. Ah well, this should get entertaining.

In other news no one really knows what Apple is up to, other than some rumours about the new iOS, a watch/computer and perhaps even an iPhone mini, which doesn’t make much sense to me but who knows.
Let the games commence.

The big black hole

of the world wide web. Or anime pictures and the degradation of teh interwebs. Where have all the pictures gone?

The first time I got online was around 1995 or so, and it was marvelous. I felt like a whole new world literally opened up before my eyes. Anything you can imagine, you could look it up in a search engine and voila, there it was. I think it’s hard to imagine for people who grew up with this but at the time this was revolutionary. Interested in Star Wars trivia, there it was. News about technology, computers, games, all for free online whereas previously the only way to get this kind of stuff was buying magazines.
And for those of us interested in more exotic things, say Japanese anime or even cooking recipes or Japanese culture in general, it made mission impossible suddenly possible and anything you wanted to know, learn or see was a few clicks away.
I remember looking up info on one of my childhood favorites, Captain Future, and being amazed by fan sites full of info and pictures.

But where has it all gone? Popular myth is that once something gets posted on the internet it stay online forever. I beg to differ. A LOT has disappeared. And a lot more will. Back in the day it was popular to build fan sites on free sites like Geocities, but all of those have vanished over time, the sites along with it. Or they got taken over by biggies like Yahoo & Google and the old content got deleted after a period of inactivity.
And the people who made that back then have since moved on. Well most of them, some like me are still around. The problem is that since then the act of creating sites has somewhat gone down the shitter. Hardly anyone makes a fan site anymore for example, like on their favourite anime. So good luck finding anything on an 80’s or 90’s anime. Sure there’s still some stuff floating around, but it pales in comparison to what used to be available.
And that’s sad.

Although I’m focused on anime pictures I could have just as well said , if you remember the 90’s internet and everything you could find then just go ahead and try and look it up now.
Oh, and video is next:
Is Google taking the ‘you’ out of YouTube?
(hat tip)

29 feed subscribers?

So I signed up to FeedBurner last week, Google’s feed statistics and optimization tool, basically because I never got round to it in the past and to see if I had any RSS subscribers. Much to my surprise it says I have an average of 29 subscribers. Say what? I knew there’d probably be one or two because it also counts things like Live Bookmarks, but 29?! So yeah, if you’re one of them; hi. And thanks for subscribing. :)


Nice little app that does exactly what it says on the proverbial box, it shows your webstats, be it from Google Analytics, Mint, FeedBurner, Squarespace, Tumblr, Twitter, Ember or Vimeo.
I’m not sure Ego is the most fitting name for the app though, ouch, I have a long way to go to get traffic back to what it once was. But it’s great eyecandy nonetheless, so if you like to track your online stats on your iPhone, this is the app to get.

Android fail

Android apps are found to be sending your gps data to advertisers. And that from Google, the company that makes money by shoving ads in your face.
Wow, what a surprise.
I’ll stick to the phone from the company that makes money by making quality products. Much better business model.

Google Buzz

There’s a lot of hype since the mighty Google announced their latest addition, Google Buzz, but after a quick look it seems to me it’s just Google’s version of Twitter, complete with geotagging and flickr integration.
So for me there’s not really a point as it integrates with Google’s web apps, which I don’t use. Even though the mobile version of Buzz looks nice enough, I don’t want to load a webpage just to use it in a, for me, cumbersome way. I’ve got an iPhone, I want an app for that. And seeing as I don’t use a gmail app but the regular apple mail app to read my gmail… the point is moot. Unless Google were to come out with an all-in-one app that offers all their services neatly integrated I think I’ll pass this one.

Google Chrome, beta no more

Wow, they move fast. 3 months ago the first beta was released. Now, 10 versions later they’ve hit gold and 1.0 has been released. And if the first beta was fast, this one is a lot faster, and of course a lot more stable as well.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.