Gundam X

Name: Gundam X
Genre: Gundam(Mecha)
Number of episodes: 26

Plot = B
Characters = A
Music = B
Overall = B+

General Outlook:
Another fine mech show in the series of spawned hits, Gundam. Gundam X takes the perogative of past shows and places this in a “alternate” history of Gundam. In this history, the War between the Colony’s and the Earth was full blown as well, and the Colony’s actually dropped onto the earth, completely obliterating billions of lives. This leaves the earth in hellish times, but 15 years after the dramatic end of the war, life is returning to normal. In North America a young, talented boy(whose job is stealing raiding Mechs and selling them on the black market), takes up a job to rescue a woman from a group of Vultures(groups with mecha who prey wastelands looking for parts, etc), and in the escape he comes across a mysterious Gundam from the last war…the GX.

Like most Gundams, the music is a definate plus, as its well paid attention too. The opening and endings alone are kick ass, as would be expected from most gundams. Though not done exclusively by two-mix(like a few of newer gundams were), this still has that same awesome feel. The songs, “Dream” and “Resolution” are two of the coolest opening themes. I find myself listening or humming to one theme, and then it turns into one of these, lol. OST and Background music is great as well. I especially love the tune for the ship, Friedan. Everytime the captain shouted for launch, i would smile as the awesome BGM picked up. Great work

Garoad Ran is a young teenager from the generation after the war. He is a child with no link to the dangers of the past, and he gets very pissed when adults tie him up with all the troubles from the past war. So at first he dislikes Jamil Neet and the other vultures he is “captured” by and comes to live with. His main love interest and apparent “Newtype”, is Tifa Adil. The woman he came to rescue, but who decided to stay with the Vultures anyway. The captain is an ex hero from the war, and he feels heavy responsibilty as he was the one who(literaly) pulled the trigger on the cataclysm that made the colonys crash into the earth. He is atoning for his sins by searching for more newtypes, so he can save them from the exploitation of the people and the rising earth goverment. The rest of the Vultures are great and amusing, though not a huge focus. You dont even learn a few of his bridge crews name until the 3rd tape of the series, lol. But the main characters are wonderfully done. Jamil as a atoning father figure to Garoad, and Tifa as a mysterious love interest, shy and introverted.

Overall: I love Mecha. I love Gundam, and yet i realize this has some flaws in it. Mainly being the ending, which was rushed as the show was cancelled from its original 2 season contract(ended up being one). So it seems a bit…hard to swallow, the way they wrapped up the main plot. But still, the final episode is very good, and it does have a lot of story work involved that isnt as bad as the newtype thread. I find it strange that this series wasnt liked as much as Gundam Wing(which was liked in japan but mostly still hated by Gundam fans everywhere). Bottom line. This is a definate must see for any Gundam fan, though dont expect any pretty boys(well maybe one).

Gundam Notes:
If you are new to Gundam in general, this should clear some things up.
Gundams- Gundams are mecha deisgned for warfare that are exclusivley made stronger for combat and pilot abilitys
NewTypes-For simplicity think of pshycics. Newtypes all have abililtys similar to that, which they use for warfare and such. Amuro Ray from the old Gundam was a newtype pilot, Jamil Neet is a former Newtype. They use the abilitys they have to help them perfrom above the level of other pilots.
GX- All gundams are noted by a call sign. the GX is fully the GX-099. Other Gundams have similar call signs depending on what and who they are. Gundams are often referred to as the callsign by enemys and others alike in series.
Colonys- mankind spread into space, and began living in colonys and citys in space. In the war these are dropped onto earth creating massive destruction.(think dinosaurs and big rock, except these are big metal manmade ones)
I hope that clears up some stuff for ya. ^_^

My Thoughts(and spoilers):
I LOVE the GX. Its a awesome mech, and i love even more how its more realistically done and handled. Unlike GW, the young boy pilot isnt instantly a god, merely by being in the cockpit. IN fact you watch him grow and learn as a pilot. Learning many lessons the hardway. But he is still a excellnt pilot. His skill lies in his adaptability, being able to handle many new things at once, and doing them like he has his whole life.
I loved the episode where after his loss to a newtype enemy pilot, he is discouraged, and frightened of the next fight, until Jamil Neet shows him that newtype is just a word, by kicking the pilots ass, and showing Garoad just how well the GX can handle.
I still love this series, as possibly my second favorite Gundam series. Only second behind my Zeta/Double Zeta love.

By Darknight ZO

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