Happy Lesson (OVA 1: Mama Mia)

Lady Kiyo said give it a try so I did Very Happy

Planning: Kiyoshi Takano
Original Story: Mutsumi Sasaki
Animation Director: Yasuhisa Kato
Producers: Yoshihiro Shintani, Saburou Oomiya
Character Designs: Yasuhisa Kato
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Episdoes: 3
Running Time: 75 minutes
Age: 15up

OVA Review:
Chitose Hitotose grew up in an orphanage for most of life, when he turned eighteen he left and is going to begin his life a new in his family’s house. Well Chitose isn’t going to be living unsupervised, that’s where Mutsuki, Kisaragi, Yayoi, Uduki, and Satsuki come in; they decide to adopt Chitose into their care, naturally they move into his house. Chitose the boy who grew up with no mother now has five, who all coincidentally are his teachers at school. They of course set up some ground rules for Chitose, for example he has to sleep on the sofa in his house and he has to call each them “mama” at home and their respective professional names at school. Could a eighteen year old boy world get any worse, with five beautiful women as his teachers and his mothers. That would be breaking two felony laws if anything dirty was to happen. ^^

Luckily for us it doesn’t. It seems when Chitose was younger, in the orphanage, he made a promise to a girl, and now that girl is coming back seeking her prize, which happens to Chitose. What is he going to do, and why is he naked in the tub with mother messaging him with ice cubes? Prepare yourself…


Chitose Hitotose
Some men often dream about living with beautiful women that do your every wish; however, Chitose learned the hard way that you better be sure of what you wish for.
Living with five moms is a unbelievable strain on poor Chitose especially since there is no way to get away from them, because they are his teachers. O.o All of his mothers love him, but unfortunely for them they can’t see that their love in killing Chitose, literally! How much motherly love can one boy take, watch it to find out. Here’s a hint… not much.

The girl from Chitose’s past at the orphanage, Chitose apparently made a deal to marry her if she stopped crying, she hasn’t cried since and is now coming to collect her reward, unfortunately Chitose just wanted her to shut up. What will he do now, will he break her heart.

A famous pop star that Chitose seems to recognize from somewhere, but can’t remember where. She happens to be one of Chitose’s friends from the orphanage that made a big name for herself. She’s really close to Chitose and doesn’t mind showing it all—if you know what I mean.

Mama Mutsuki
She’s Chitose’s homeroom teacher, and is probably the most connected to Chitose. She’ll the lead mother always wanted to please Chitose and teach him what is right. Chitose can’t help but look down at her thigh; however, incest isn’t on his mind.

Mama Kisaragi

There’s one thing I have to say about her, and that is, “fear her.” Constantly coming up with new inventions, and always using Chitose as a lab rat, it’s surprising that he’s still alive. She also has a bad habit of popping up through the ceiling, floor, or even school bus; and having trapped doors around the house. Exactly how big her laboratory is is still a mystery? At school she’s the chemistry/biology teacher, loves to dissect baby chickens.

Mama Yayoi
The school nurse. Oddly it seems Ms. Yayoi is always full of young boys that need her service and attention. When she’s not curing the sick, she’s off making spells of some sort or slashing things with her sword.

Mama Uduki
The cutest and probably most dangerous of all the mamas. She loves Chitose to death, and often is doing stuff to send him there, like a robot suit for Chitose with no holes for breathing. She’s the youngest mama. When she not off trying to give Chitose some nice present, that almost kill him, she’s working in her class room as the art teacher; however, due to the fact that’s she’s full of energy she is often dancing, which means her student don’t get much of chance to get a good posture.

Mama Satsuki

The gym teacher and the toughest mama this side of Mount Fuji. Making her students do lamps around the field so many times it hurts to look at them suffer, Ms Satsuki pushes her kids to the limit and beyond. “I wonder if she takes pleasure in the punishment of children like my old gym teacher” She’s also the crazy mama at the house who on occasion will often be found drinking.

Fumitsuki Nanakorobi

The class president, Fumitsuki has a crush on Chitose; only thing is she has to have feelings for two, because Chitose could care less. Known for her outbursts, and the fact that she emits energy from her body whenever she sees Chitose in the hands of another woman. Fumitsuki can’t put her finger on it, but she thinks there’s something going on with Chitose and the teachers he always seems to be around.


Story 7.5/9.0
Characters 8.0/9.0
Music 8.0/9.0
Animation 8.5/9.0

A bit of shock when I realized that the OVA was actually the extended version of the series, starting with a remark of the first episode, and creating a separate three part story from there. I haven’t seen the series yet, but I decided to start off with the OVA, it being a lot cheaper. Anyway, what can I say, it was very funny to watch, it wasn’t extremely funny but it was funny. The story was good, but really short, the plot didn’t come around until the end of episode 2, and there are only three episodes; however the first two were funny enough to keep you interested. The OVA isn’t focused on the story, which is between Chitose and Minazuki, rather it just tries to make you laugh, which it will do upon several occasions trust me. The series does have a draw back though, it wants to be serious some times, and funny the rest, which doesn’t really work out well all the time. The animation does make the girls have huge eyes like fire ants, but they look so cute, you won’t mind. The characters were a bit confusing as I didn’t know why they did the things they did, but I guess that’s my fault for being cheap and not buying the series first. If you liked the series and want some more pick the OVA, from an outsiders point of view I found it entertaining and funny; after watching the OVA I’m going to go out and buy the DVDs now, so I guess that means the OVA was funny. If you haven’t seen the series yet, but you want to watch something funny I say if it a try it won’t hurt, it isn’t bad just wacky.

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