Heat Guy J

Alternative Title: Heat Guy J (Japanese)
Director: Kazuki Akane
Original creator: Kazuki Akane
Screenplay: Hiroshi Ohnogi, Kazuki Akane, Miya Asakawa
Character Design: Yuki Nobuteru
Art director: Yoko Komiya
First Aired: February 2004 USA (MTV2)
Genre: Action/Cop Drama
Episodes: 25
Age: 13+

Series Review:
Sometime in the near future the ocean city-state known as Judoh, has outlawed all androids in the city. Unfortunately the mafia doesn’t like that law. In order to tackle the problem of mafia type actions Judoh’s City Safe Management Agency created the Special Forces Unit separate to the usual police force; the job of the Special Forces Unit is to deal with possible crimes and prevent them from happening. Since the Special Forces Unit might be dealing with hi-tech androids the City Safe Management Agency created J: the only legal android to be allowed in the city. Judoh has a bad history with android so they weren’t going to just let J go free in the city; instead he is partnered up with Daisuke Aurora: an Officer of the Special Forces Unit.

The group that runs most of the illegal activities in the city is headed by power families. Each family trying to scratch out the other, the main family in this anime is the Leonelli family. After Lorenzeo Leonelli died his son Claire Leonelli became the head of the organization. Claire despises the Special Forces Unit and becomes Daisuke’s rival early on. With a group of thugs and countless other adversaries Daisuke and J have their hands full. Claire and his countless forces becomes the main target of the Special Forces Unit. Since the mafia is a underground organization, Daisuke has to connect the dots and connect them to Claire, which isn’t easy since Claire knows how to cover his tracks.


Daisuke Aurora

Daisuke Aurora is cool and good with a gun. His father was killed by an android, which makes for an interesting relationship between him and J. Daisuke knows the new leader of the Leonelli family is more than your typical Mafioso; he keeps a close eye on Claire as soon as he takes over the family. Daisuke is kind at heart, but doesn’t show it on the outside. Your typical hero…


J, although being an android J still seems to poses human emotions. He looks like your everyday human, but that’s only a cover so it isn’t obvious that he’s an android. Joe has all of the city’s law programmed into CPU along with manners and proper etiquette (all men should be like J). Even though J is programmed never to break any laws only to enforce them, he still has a hard time gaining the trust of not only Daisuke, but the City Safety Management Agency who created him. (They really don’t like androids)

Kyoko Milchan

Kyoko Milchan is the administrator to the Special Forces Unit and reports everything to City Safety Management Agency’s Chief: Shun Aurora. Kyoko Milchan the young and adorable administrator takes her job seriously and warns Daisuke not to step over his lines.

Shun Aurora

Shun Aurora, Safety Management Agent’s Chief and Daisuke brother. He isn’t the warm big brother we would hope for, instead he very cold and is usually stuck up in his office. He tends to keep to himself and looks as if he has plans of his own, that might conflict with that of his day job.

Claire Leonelli

Claire Leonelli, the ‘vampire’ to the Leonelli family. Any leader of the Leonelli family is given the title ‘vampire’ because as a right of initiation the person must drink a cup of blood before they can take over. Claire (besides from being absolutely gorgeous) is a complete psycho path, and a mastermind in finding ways to kill Daisuke. Unfortunately, Daisuke can’t seem to die so easily, which enrages Claire. Claire being the new vampire does a good job of making the Leonelli family the top crime syndicate in Judoh. Claire like I said is crazy and has no problem killing his own men or putting his life on the line over a game of Russian-Roulette. He is definitely a villain anyone would fall in love with.

Antonia Bellucci

Antonia Bellucci, member of the Special Forces Unit: she developed and overseas J’s maintance. On one occasion when J is framed by Claire, Antonia is the only one that believes that J is being framed.

Ken Edmundo

Ken Edmundo, inspector of the Judoh’s police department. He doesn’t exactly understand the reason behind the Special Forces Unit, and from time to time reminds Daisuke that he actually works on real crimes that have happened.

Monica Gabriel

Monica Gabriel, an independmant informant and friend of Daisuke’s. She keeps him up to date on what going on in the city. Monica might look like an innocent little girl, but trust me she is anything but innocent (she makes some remarks that even I won’t say). She runs a mobile photo development chart for her ‘ill’ mother, although that’s just the gimmick she uses to get people to buy. The truth is her mother is alcoholic and lives off her daughter, still even though Monica knows that her mother neglects her she still loves her.


Shogun, another one of Daisuke informants; Shogun knows a lot about what goes on underground in the city and a lot about the city’s past. He uses to work for the Leonelli’s so Daisuke relies on him for information about Claire and other members of the organization.


Mauro, a long time advisor to the Leonelli Family, he becomes Claire’s right hand man as soon as he takes over. Mauro first job is to see that Claire stays alive, and with Claire’s habit for danger, his hands are full. Since Mauro has been an advisor to the Leonelli’s he knows much more, than he let’s on.


Boma possibly the second coolest character (second only to Daisuke). He was sent to jail and in the future if you have a sentence for more than 100 years you face is genetically alerted to that of a beast: Boma’s actual face is that of a wolf, he wears a human face to not get cuaght and sent back to jail. Boma escapes from prison and becomes and missionary (he is really good with a sword), he is constantly searching for his ‘bunny’: a girl he once knew and is trying to find.

Story 8/9
Characters 8/9
Music 9/9
Animation 9/9

Although this was only shown on MTV 2 here in the US, this still one of the best anime I’ve ever seen: equal to Big O and Wolf’s Rain. MTV 2 never took this show seriously and trust me they lost out on a possible smash, a las for me there are DVD’s. The story is great; Daisuke has several different mysteries to solve and several people to kill. J as the android must try to convince Daisuke that he can be trusted and protect the city from Claire Leonellli. There are several loose ends in the story that keep you stuck to the TV trying to figuring them out. I’m usually a fan of more fantasy type like anime, but this one grabbed me. I would highly recommend this anime to anyone that wants a good action series.

By Cherubim

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