A snowy sunday morning

Snow panorama Heerlen

Last Sunday morning we got up early enough to have the hills all to ourselves.
Either that or we were just the only idiots wanting to go out. Fun either way.
And quite gorgeous scenery with the snow everywhere, click on the pic above for a big panorama.

Cybermen invasion in Heerlen

They have begun invading empty real estate. The shops will be next. Then… global domination!

Cybermen Heerlen


Carnaval parade 2012 Heerlen

Yay, we survived the parade. Or more specifically the weather. Yesterday was the big carnaval’s parade in Heerlen, and about two hours before we were heading out it first started to rain like mad and then a torrent of snow started coming down. We were half tempted to stay at home but seeing as the kids were already dressed up and eager to go we braved it anyway.
Luckily once we got there it eventually eased off and everyone had a good time. I must say, having a cute 2 year old is awesome in the candy department as they all came up to Amy to give her lots while she was standing there waving and dancing around cute as a button.

Sinterklaas arriving in Heerlen

Yesterday Sinterklaas arrived in Heerlen, an event we of course had to witness.
Unfortunately it was rather cold and Sint was running a tad late, so after he arrived and started letting kids get on stage one by one (and there were hundreds and hundreds of kids) we decided to get out of the claustrophobic mayhem and observe a bit from a safe distance while munching on some warm sandwiches instead.

Exposition ‘Alledaagse mensen bezoeken Heerlen’

Which translates to ‘Everyday people visit Heerlen’.
I love this exposition by Christel Lechner, the statues work well in the city environment and it’s great to see people have fun with them, walk up to them and take pictures with them.

Announcement for the exposition.
Route for all the ones I’ve missed.

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