I Don't Want to Hold You

Author: Naono Boura
Genre: Yaoi Romance
Status: Manga
Published Outside of Japan: No
Published by: N/A
Release Date: N/A
Age Appropriateness: 18+

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Preview based on chapter one, “Electricity”, of manga “I Don’t Want to Hold You”.


Freshman Takara is having a pretty horrible time in high school, no matter how he does his appearance of a “bad boy” starts rumors of him being a convict and a drug dealer. That couldn’t be further from the truth, Takara is a gentle spirit that wouldn’t hurt a fly but he does look like a bad boy–a very sexy one at that. Poor Takara doesn’t even have a friend to talk to.

Until one stormy day when another school mate covers Takara from the storm. Immediately sparks fly–actual sparks! The young fellow is electrically charged so he tends to shock people it seems. Takara is surprised by the unexpected act of kindness from a kid he doesn’t even know. It wouldn’t be the last time that the two meet.

The every next day Takara, who was forced to dye his hair super blond by his evil brother, is approached by the young fellow again. It’s time to formerly introduce himself. His name is Ikemi Toura. Ikemi doesn’t waste anything and suggest that the two of them should become friends. Takara is so filled with joy now he has a friend. Their “friendship” develops really quickly.

Now things start to get interesting and shocking too. After shocking, literally, Takara, Ikemi tells Takara what happend to him. You see some time ago Ikemi got shocked by lighting luckily he survived the incident. And after the ton of surgery he was able to go back to school; however, his body will remain electrically charged and that’s why he shocks people. This is also when Takara finds out that Ikemi is actually 20. The incident left Ikemi’s body coverd in scars, and it seems to be the only thing that he’s sensitive about.

The two of them start to spend a lot more time together. While they haven’t done anything serious yet they certainly do act like a couple. However Ikemi’s condition starts to bring up some questions as to why only Takara is the only one that gets shocked when he touches Ikemi. Takara begins to blame himself and thinks that it’s him that’s putting Ikemi off. It seems that the blue lighting that brought them together is what’s bring them apart.

Ikemi explains that the only reason he (Takara) gets shocked is become he gets excited and anxious around Takara. Ikemi also admits that he loves Takara. And they make out (Grade A++ sex if you ask me), even though it gets painful because of the blue lightning both Ikemi and Takara bare through it. It looks like the beginning of shockingly beautiful relationship. (I needed to end on something cheezy like that…sorry.)


What wonderful artwork. By far the best I’ve seen in a while. Noana is just an amazing mangaka. Their is the perfect balance of detail and simplicity. The pages while there is certainly a lot of content on each isn’t cramped up. The characters look simply amazing. The detail is simply amazing. It’s as perfect as you would ever expect. To wrap it all up: the artwork is sweeeet!


Alright so I downloaded this a while ago before I left for holiday break. I didn’t know anything about the author or story, it was really one of those “meh I’ll just download it for the heck of it” but like so many things in life it’s those “meh” that turn out to be so rewarding. Now Electricity seems to be the first chapater of a on going story–it also could be a short story that revolves around the theme of the title. It really can go either way, I have to download the other chapters to find out which it is. Either way it’s a great a story.

I was first reluctant to read it. Usually I scan through the manga really quickly to look at the sex scenes really quickly and see if I wanted to read it now or later. At the time I was reading a really long series and didn’t want to take up anymore time. But I decided to after a while of complete boredom.

The premise of the story was interesting, although I don’t know how factual it is to be remain electrically charged or not. It was a nice to take a step away from regular yaoi story plotlines seem to be over used, adding a bit of a spark was cool. It should be interesting if this is indeed a (long) story instead of a short one how Naona uses this premise.

If electricity does turn out to be the first chapter it really sets a good story for you to follow up on, and you can’t help but wonder exactly what will happen to these two adorable characters.

There was only one sex scene–a freakin amazing one–at the end of the chapter that kept you dying for more, but it helped the story that the two of them weren’t having sex at every turn throughout the story. It made it more based on content rather than sex.

To me (who else would be duh) this story appeals to all yaoi fans. Those that like an interesting story, those that like hot sex and those that like very nice artwork. And it certainly is something you’d want to pick up if you’re looking for something to read.


By Cherubim

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