Immortal Grand Prix

Alternative: IGPX
Director: Koichi Mashimo
Character Design: Tomoaki Kado
Art director: Toshihisa Koyama
First Aired: October 15 2003
Genre: Robot
Episodes: 5
Age: 13

Series Review:
In the future mankind has developed a game where teams pilot giant robots in a tournament called the Immortal Grand Prix. However, the game is getting pretty repetitive and is losing some of its spark. Still there are some teams that can’t get the dream of winning the IPGX out of their mind.

That’s where we meet Team Suzaku, an amateur group of younger pilots that are the pilots of team that’s going no where. Coincidentally their luck is about to change. The current IPGX champions have been taken out of the tournament. To solve the problem of who would take their place a lottery is set up, all teams are entered and who ever wins takes the teams place. This would mean that who ever wins the contest wouldn’t have to fight the usual battles instead they would just battle whoever the final challenger is. The team that wins the contest is Team Suzaku.

While celebrating that they have won they quickly realize that they will be fighting the best in the entire tournament. Team Suzaku’s mechs are really basic that can’t compare with that of their challenger’s, Team Sledge Mamma. Their dreams are suddenly crushed by the fact that they are most likely going to be butchered out there. To add to their troubles Team Suzaku realizes that they don’t have any weapons. It looks like their dream to participate in the IGPX is turning into a nightmare.

The manager from the team that Team Suzaku is replacing contacts them, and agrees to give Team Suzaku his team’s weapons to use in the battle; however, his reasons are still a mystery.

The final match starts. Team Suzaku is having trouble from the get go. Getting adjusted to their new weapons is hard, and one of the team’s members has lost control of their mech. Their opponents, Team Sledge Mamma, have huge mechs and are all cybernetically enchased. They begin to pick apart each of Team Suzaku’s mechs, this is looking bad.

Takeshi, Team Suzaku’s leader, finds himself against the rest of Team Sledge Mamma by himself. It looks like the end for Team Suzaku, but Takeshi has won’t give up; he’s about to enter the toughest battle in his life and the odds are against him.


-Team Suzaku leader. He’s confident in his team, but knows the odds that they are facing don’t look good for them. His skills as a pilot aren’t fully known to him yet, he’ll have to go to his limit to realize what they are and attain his dream as IPGX champion

-The serious one in the group. Liz is the second pilot and second stronger for Team Suzaku. Liz knows that it’s more than likely that her team won’t come out of this match without bruises. Liz decides to quite while she still has all her body parts. She likes her team, but isn’t going to risk her life on it.


-Amy’s the youngest member of Team Suzaku, and she’s a bit worried that her team mates are going to get hurt when they go against Team Sledge Mamma. Amy has a hard time handling her mech, especially when her cat, Luca, takes over control. She sacrifices her mech, and her place in the tournament, in order to save Takeshi from being eliminated.

-Team’s Suzaku’s mechanic. Because of their level as IGPX pilots U-Matsu doesn’t have much to work with. He’ll try to fix their mechs as much as he can with their limited equipment, but wonders if they’ll stand a chance against Team Sledge Mamma. Being so use to their low success rate U-Matsu forgets to buy weapons for their teams; leaving no choice but to find a way to get them some weapons elsewhere.

-Team Suzaku’s medic. He’s pretty young, but does an ok job. He, like everyone else on his team, wonders if they’ll be able to survive Team Sledge Mamma force.

Major Hamgra
-Leader of the team that Team Suzaku replaced. He contacts them to give them some helpful advice, Takeshi convinces him to let them use his team’s weapons. Hamgra seems to have another reason for giving Team Suzaku his weapons, leaving Takeshi to believe its carte blanche only to surprise him with the bill win the match is over. His reason why he gave Team Suzaku weapons might correspond with why his team was removed.

Story 7.5/9
Characters 8/9
Music 7/9
Animation 8/9

Immortal Grand Prix brings micro-series to a new level: there are only five episodes in this series, and each episode is only a mere 5 minutes long. Meaning this is basically a 25 minute OVA. Although there have been internet rumors about them making a 26 episode series of this Anime; however, that is still to no avail. Originally part of Toonami’s annual T.I.E event. Enough with gossip…
IGPX because of its short time span had no time to play around with, which means every moment of this series had to pertain to some part of the over all scheme of things, that scheme being the final battle of the IPGX. The animation was great and looked school. The anime is almost a fusion of GITS and Gundam, people in the anime have cyber-brains and pilot big robots, but it can stand on its own. The story is inspirational one. Team Suzaku shouldn’t have one, the chances of them winning where non-existent, but they triumph. You can watch this anime from beginning to end and it will stay on story and on the object of Team Suzaku. You’ll like this anime although you would probably have wanted to see more. The fact that Toonami rushed everything in this series just so that it could have fit the time schedule was a bad. This short series definitely showed promise and would have made a great series.

Hahaha, it took me longer to write this review that the length of the series. LOL

By Cherubim

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