Infinite Ryvius

Hey hey kiddies, its DZO with another review. You thought id forgotten you, or worse yet ran out of crap to review. WRONG. I actually forgot i mentioned this series, and i could have sworn i did one for it. But that must have been some wonderful drug induced dream…I mean uh drugs are bad, sex and rock and roll is evill..uh..heres reveiw…

Name: Infinite Ryvius
Genre: Drama(with a lil bit of space and mecha, but thats secondary)
number of episodes: 25

Plot = B
Characters = A
Music = A
Overall = A-

General Outlook:
To start off this was an generally odd series. Right away i loved the character designs, and the very smooth futuristic, but not supremely techno feel that everything had. The music also brought me in, which is part of the series appeal. It is a “youth” centered type of anime. Any and all adults past the 3rd episodes are either dead, or villians after the kids. It has a hip feel, a definate youth culture fighting society on its own feel. In fact, it most deeply relates to a classic of literature. Lord of the Flies…in space. Take a ragtag crew of people from all walks(though all generally space abled since they are from working on a space station/school) and then strand them on a giant space cruiser all alone, no adults. They are forced to make their own society, and as such have numerous breakdowns, falls and tragedys. In fact violence, like in Lord of the Flies is a vicious circle in Ryvius. As the children are forced into action by the pursuing adults, who give them no quarter. The galaxy at large very much refuses them, and they turn that anguish out on each other. The characters, much like again LOF, are all wonderfully detailed and unique. Each one needed and part of the whole. There is not one “main” character, as the real focus is on everyone and the ship. If anything can be the main ideal, it is the mysterious girl who appears to be linked to the ship, and who lets herself be known to very few of the people onboard. She suffers their pain and anger, as a reflection of the crew it seems. Excellent dramatic work, with an deeply troubling input into the fragile psyches we all have underneath.

To fit this youththemed anime and story, they selected a proper theme. Much of the music is composed of sorrowful hip hop. Dancy beats, or rythms with tones of sadness, wishes for hope, the desire to be themselves and so on. No one thing exemplfys this better than the episode where the crew throws a “party”. The daily music is part of their lives and fits so well it hurts.(and blessedly no See-Saw in this)

Love and Hate. In fact you will definately find yourself doing both at one point or another. The show itself makes a point of this by mocking its own title with the stills near the end of the credits. manipulating infinite Ryvius into such phrases as “Revire us” “Revile us” “Revise Us” “Revisit Us”. Everyone is important and detailed in such a way, that each one has a feel and detail to them so that any one can be a favorite one minute and loathed the next. Though a pseudo main character arises and moves along with the story, he is just part of the whole, leading you around with everyone else. He is merely the representation of everyone, and the hopes they all have. And like everyone you hate, love, loathe and feel sorry for them all at one point or another. There is mechs in here, and space with cruisers and monsters, all nicely done, but the main focus is inside the ship.
(Character design is now the same as that of the new Gundam Seed, with one of the female standbys Aoi making an easter egg appearance in the first episode of Seed)

My Thoughts(and spoilers):
This series made me nuts. I think while it examined the emotional turbulence of the crew it did so with me. I foudn myself getting so attached to people and events, that i was reacting and finding myself feeling very similar to the series itself. it made quite the impact on me. Maybe im just a sucker for really intelligently done, but still imaginative and ok, cartoony, done stuff, but i was hooked. It had enough plot twists and moments to keep me from either screaming, or cheering or having me on the edge of my seat. I rather enjoy how everyone matures on the way, and saying Lord of the Flies in space may seem corny, but its a damn honor in my eyes. Very good work.

By Darknight ZO

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