Mame for iPad


Grab it while you can, it allows arcade roms to be added without jailbreaking.

Making iPhone/iPad apps

Some day I shall get round to this, this crash course in Objective-C for iOS6 is a nice starting point, and there’s more beginner guides linked at the bottom of the article.

Guardian Cross

Guardian Cross is a great new game for iPhone & iPad by Square Enix, well worth checking out for Final Fantasy and card game fans alike.
Quests, player vs player, monster hunting for rare cards, it’s got it all.
Hiroyuki Ito, the creator of the Final Fantasy ATB system, is the lead concept planner for Guardian Cross. Composer Naoshi Mizuta and character designer Akira Oguro round out the all-star development team.

For a limited time, players can receive rare limited edition cards including moogles, mandragoras, Ifrit and other classic monsters from Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV by inviting friends to play Guardian Cross.
If you do decide to check it out (it’s free so hell yeah) enter invitation ID SI57028 when you first start the game and we’ll both get a rare card!

WordPress app 3.0 for iPad

Every time they release a new version I take a look to see what’s improved.
And every time I take a look I wonder why I’d use it.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s free, reasonably quick and quite actively updated. I just don’t see the point of it when I can just use Safari for the familiar WordPress Dashboard where everything works exactly the way I’m used to. It’s also bloody fast on Safari.
Compare that to the screenshots of the app version and I just wonder about some UI choices that seem like a minimalistic text editor. Or why the stats are confined to a small bar on the side leaving most of the screen quite literally completely empty.
Oh well, I’ll look again when 4.0 is released.

iPad app:

Safari on the iPad:

Tron: Legacy, the iOS game

“Thank you for playing. The servers supporting Light Cycle Multiplayer are no longer in service. This update removes the multiplayer option and optimizes the single player experience. We apologize for the inconvenience. The fight for the ultimate GRID Game champion continues. Good luck program.”

Oh the irony, thank you Disney for ditching all support for this game and turning it from multi player online into single player offline. And that for a game about a virtual world on a server that’s cut off from the web (until the very end of the film anyway).

Some nice synchronicity going on there.

What’s in a name; the new iPad

You know journalism has hit rock bottom when there’s a whole slew of news posts around the web either complaining about the new iPad not being called the iPad 3 or iPad HD or saying the fact that it’s called the iPad and nothing else signals the end of Apple or the downfall at least.
Here’s a news flash you idiots; turn over your iPad 2, what’s it say?
That’s right, iPad. Not iPad 2.
Now look at your iPad 2 box, what’s it say? Why surprise, it says iPad, not iPad 2.
So basically nothing’s changed and Apple has for the third time released a model of the iPad which once again is simply called iPad and be referred to for conversation’s sake as the iPad 3.
Seriously, people…

iPad wallpapers

Here’s a bunch of iPad wallpapers before Apple comes out with a new Retina model and makes me all depressed.

The iPad is a PC

Nice topic, the iPad isn’t just a PC, it’s the ultimate personal computer.
The fact that some people still argue that it’s not a pc boggles the mind, well my mind anyway. Of course it’s a personal computer. Hell so’s my iPhone. Can it replace my desktop computer? No, not yet anyway, and I doubt it will anytime soon. That doesn’t make it less of a pc though.

Why Amazon doesn’t scare Apple

“A recent survey of 18 Android phones released since 2007 showed discouraging results: Over half of the devices surveyed stopped receiving OS updates from manufacturers less than one year after initial release.” CNN/Wired

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.