Ikea for iPhone app

Ikea finally made an app for the iPhone. And it’s free.
That concludes the good news. The bad news is that it sucks in every way possible.
First of all, after you download the app and start it for the first time it says you first need to download a catalogue, which for the Netherlands is almost 60MB. I knew we were off on the wrong foot here. And it went downhill further. What you get is basically a glorified pdf viewer dressed up as an app. But with added functionality, you can click on the + next to products to se product information… yay… except that rarely works and most often you get an error page as demonstrated in the screenshots telling you the product information is not available.
So yeah, epic fail for Ikea, hopefully they’ll learn and eventually make a better version than this heap of crap.

Kingdom Conquest

Well hello stranger, where have you been so long. Out of nowhere Sega jumps on the iPhone bandwagon with a fresh new game, not a Sonic rehash, not Mega Drive classic port like Phantasy Star or Golden Axe, but a new game. And free too. Well freemium technically, but they’ve done it right. Unlike others Sega doesn’t actually let you cheat with their in game purchases or block you from unlocking any content unless you spend cold hard cash. So for all intents and purposes this really is free.

And it’s wonderful. It’s an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) where you have to build your kingdom, expand your territory, group with others in real time dungeons to defeat baddies and build up your monster army to fight in tactical combat. And there’s quests too.

Build your city, gather resources, research & train monsters.

Expand your territory, forge alliances and attack other players.

Unlock new monsters, train them and level them by attacking neighbouring lands.

No screenshot of the realtime battle, I already blew out my 5 daily tries before realizing I wanted to post about this. :D
It’s free, what are you waiting for? Get it!

And thank you Sega! Now make a new console please.


Nice little app that does exactly what it says on the proverbial box, it shows your webstats, be it from Google Analytics, Mint, FeedBurner, Squarespace, Tumblr, Twitter, Ember or Vimeo.
I’m not sure Ego is the most fitting name for the app though, ouch, I have a long way to go to get traffic back to what it once was. But it’s great eyecandy nonetheless, so if you like to track your online stats on your iPhone, this is the app to get.

Friends for iPhone

If I had more friends I’d be jumping for this app, very nicely done. If this works as advertised it’s going to get the top spot in sold apps in a day and stay there for quite some time. Yay for integration apps.

Transformers G1: Awakening

This game is reviewed everywhere as an Advance Wars in Transformers setting. I wonder if any of those people ever actually played Advance Wars.
At first glance yes, it might have similar appearance, but the gameplay mechanics are different. It lacks depth of the aforementioned DS title, but makes up for that by throwing the first generation Transformers into the mix. The game follows the story of the cartoon somewhat, you start off with Bumblebee and more characters get introduced later on. You complete missions by fulfilling the objective, which usually means killing all the Decepticons, or the objective can be skipped entirely by just killing all the Decepticons anyway. Later on in the game you jump through the space gate and end back on Cybertron where the difficulty curve makes a steep incline and the game turns more into a puzzle challenge where you have to think and wonder how the heck you can achieve said objective. Like for example getting to your weapons while you’re fully unarmed and several Decepticons are blocking your way.
Oh, and did I mention this is a port of a generic 2008 cellphone game? Well it is, and it shows, although it is updated for the iPhone a bit interface wise.
So yay or nay? Well, at €0.79 it won’t exactly break the bank one way or the other. For strategy lovers it can be a quick fun blast, but not too recommended. For Transformers fans, especially the ones who think, like me, that the first generation was the best; it’s a blast. Come on, it even has Jetfire (Skyfire in the tv show) turning from bad to good. Get it. ;)


An iPhone app that’s a todo manager that works with rpg elements to motivate you to do your chores.
Sadly, I’m interested.


I have invented a new word. Maybe not. But yeah, this week I finally decided to jailbreak my iPhone using the new, which works as advertised. Simply go to the site using Safari on your iPhone and slide the slider to jailbreak. It’ll start working it’s magic and after a minute or so you’re done and you’ll have Cydia added as an app which you can use to tweak the crap out of your phone and add lots of apps.
This is however where I started getting an icky vibe as I added a few apps like LockInfo which is supposed to give you a nice screen with all your mail, calendar, phone and what not info, Android style. Except it didn’t work. Added a few more with varying results as well, but then when I wanted to check my mail the app was behaving oddly, not marking mails as read, not even opening some others. That was the final straw for me and I rolled back using iTunes restore to a nice pristine fully functional iOS 4.0.1. Maybe the jailbreak apps aren’t fully iOS 4 compatible yet, maybe I just had bad luck, but for me the biggest joy of the iPhone, or anything Apple really, is that it just works. This little side adventure reminded me a bit too much of olden linux and windows days where you have to tweak everything to get it working the way it’s supposed to.
And those days are, for me anyway, over.


I don’t see any use for this app whatsoever. There are better free and paid alternatives available. The interface is a bit weird and as soon as you load a pic some default effects are applied to it that make it hard to get any desired effect you had in mind yourself. You’re better off checking out SnapBox, CameraBag or Photo fx instead of spending $0.99 on PICtone.

Sennheiser iPhone goodness

Bought these headphones today as the ones that came with my iPhone were getting a bit wonky. Excellent Sennheiser quality as to be expected, tons better than Apple’s. But I must admit I have to get used to these in-ear kind of things as it feels they suck a vacuum in your head. But at least I’ve got bass again. Although to be honest I hardly ever listen to music on the iPhone, but they’re great for handsfree phone conversations while driving.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.