InFiné by Jean Michel Jarre

InFiné by JMJ

12 InFiné tracks from various artists, selected and arranged by the man himself and fully streamable here.

Jean Michel Jarre – 101010

Jean Michel Jarre has been dropping teasers both on his official site and on his blog, after the third one it now looks like he’s going to be broadcasting a concert live on the interwebs this Sunday, 10-10-10.
Seeing as this is Jarre we’re talking about it’s undoubtedly going to be awesome, and I’m wondering seeing as he mentions connected if he’s somehow going to merge the web into his concert.

My top 10 of favorite albums

Having listened to so much different music I’ve always ducked out of those blog meme’s where people tag you to make a top 10 list, it’s just not something I can shake out of my sleeve that quickly. This needs careful consideration and pondering. I don’t just want to grab the 10 albums I’m listening to the most at the moment, for it to be a real top 10 of my all time favorite albums I need to think long hard and include some music I might not have listened to in years but has still been influential. So here we are at last, my top 10 of all time favorite albums, maybe slightly colored by my current taste after all, but as complete as it’ll ever be.
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