Kagerou-Nostalgia volume 1

Written by: Satomi Kubo
Published by: ADV Manga
Release Date: May 25, 2004
Genre: Action
Age: 13up

Volume 1 Review:
Feudal Japan is in turmoil, Gessho Kuki is determined to destroy the Hikami clan and he seems invincible. This war has been going on for hundreds of years since the two clans: the Hi and the Yu, began a war when Haku, the kind of the Yu, started this war. Mio, the first princess of Hikami, Kidou, the prince of Adumi, Rai, of the Royal family Ryuou, Kamui, the princes of Kai, Shiretsu, general of the family Kagami all tried to seal away Haku.
Five hundreds years later Gessho (who I assume is the reincarnation of Haku) continues what started centuries ago. Those five warriors were reborn to stop Gessho. (I know it sounds been there done that). Reincarnated into new bodies inhabiting the young bodies of Kazuma Shudo, Fuwa, Mizuki Kamurogi, Shiranui, Goki, Akira. (Sorry I couldn’t tell whose soul goes where. @_@)

Gessho has already taken the first step by casting a spell on the reincarnated Goki. Goki now works for Gessho and his order of business is to kill Mio, the eleventh Princess of Hikami (Hi clan).

With the Hi clan in distort, and a former ally now turned foe, everyone in the Hikami clan is going crazy. Kazuma Shudo quickly tries to establish order with whoever is left. To keep order he pushes Akira to assume the role of the princess to keep everyone calm so that they believe that the Hikami clan has a leader. Kuzuma’s troubles have just begun, Gessho’s forces are closing in, and Shiranui and Fuwa decides to venture off alone.

Fuwa is heading to Gessho’s castle to rescue a mysterious woman that saved him when he was injured, this woman too has a bone to pick with Gessho but she doesn’t stand much of a chance. Shiranui’s journey is still a mystery but whatever it is Kazuma knows that he will need help, but right now Kuzuma has a clan to protect. It seems this reunion is already coming to an end.

General Kiyotaka Kuroda is assembling Gessho’s forces for a final attack on the Hi. With little man power left Kuzuma, Mizuki, and Akira will have to defend everyone. Will they stand a chance against Gessho’s forces, and where did Shiranui go? The stage is set for action in volume 2.


Kagerou-Nostalgia volume 1 is about the same size as your typical manga, but it has twice the content. There’s a lot going on in this manga, so it does a good job of keeping you interested.
The story starts off already in the middle of the story, but where this strategy is suicidal in other mangas (usually) it does ok in this. The characters have a lot of personality; a better word might be individuality, to them. It would have taken volumes to create what it has now, so already establishing that dept to them was a smart move. The story also benefits from the way this manga starts off too. The story revolves around characters that were reincarnated; however, this series isn’t about their former lives but there ‘new’ ones. The manga also uses flashbacks pretty well to answer some of the major questions the reader might have.
Now there are five main characters, minus the bad guys and a few minor ones; because of the amount of central characters the story tends to jump from one to another fairly frequently, which might make the reading somewhat confusing. The story moves in a steady uphill manner, building up has the story progresses.
It’s definitely a good action volume mixed with Japanese folklore, although the volume does lean more on magic than physical fighting.
If you can pass the fact that the manga jumps from one character to a next you’ll like it if you want some mild action/adventure.


By Cherubim

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