Kai Doh Maru

Name: Kai Doh Maru
Genre: Historical action, drama
Length: 45 minutes feature, 30 minutes production report

Plot = C
Characters = C
Music = B
Overall = C+

General Outlook:
Political intrigue and death abound as a battle for the capital of Kyo wages. A young woman named Kintoki flees disguised as a prince, from this time of death and in the mountains and gains the title of Kai Doh Maru. She is hunted by her Uncle and saved by Four Samurai, led by Lord Raiko, who preserve the peace in the city. 5 years later she has been raised and trained as a samurai alongside the men, and takes her place in their group. As she comes of age, she trys to deal with her growing feelings for Lord Raiko, and the dangerous and deadly past that springs up as a result.

Very fitting period and mood music. Very atmospheric, and lends itself well to the goal of the film. To immerse you in the period. Nothing memorable to make you rush and buy an OST, but very nice and pleasing. Worth a listen to at the very least if you liked the film.

Kintoki is the main focus, the young woman “knight” raised with the four others who saved her. Her mysterious past and her growing love for Lord Raiko are the center force. The four other knights are simplistic men, given no more than a polish of characterization. One a priest, one a reckless average fighter/drinker, one an honorable skilled fighter, etc, etc. The only real characterization done(if it can be called that) is with Kintoki, and her Lord Raiko. A obsessed woman from her past, and a demonic masterful young man serve as the foils. Throw in some creepy/possessed spoiled prince and princess and you’ve got it all.

*shrugs* First watch, my friends completely dismissed the film, as it has a anti-climatic end, among other things. Production IG is at least good for one thing, innovation. They did it with Blood(no matter how you like it) and now this. Innovation isn’t always good, but at least they try something new. In this case, forgoing simpler digital coloring in favor of a more traditional Japanese woodblock/seasonal motif, and didgital animation for buildings. A very soft palette of the color, lends a kinda…subdued feel to the film. Yet like most IG work, its short, anti-climatic and mixed in review. I can at least enjoy it, based on a historical, political sense but it doesn’t lend itself way to much anything else. Though it has some intense fights they are very short, and not given as much love, as…well anything in the movie. Overall, it’s a rent. See something new and interesting, but ultimately forgettable.

My thoughts and Spoilers:
None really. The coloring is nice, I like what they did to try something new. I would have loved the film if it was longer, if detail was put in. As it is, it feels like a Haiku. If you like Haikus, or at least can appreciate them, you’ll enjoy this.

By Darknight ZO

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