Keep Out

Author: N/A
Genre: Yaoi Comedy
Status: Manga Doujinshi of Prince of Tennis
Published Outside Japan: No
Published by: N/A
Release Date: N/A
Age Appropriateness: 16+ (Might change in later chapters)

This review is based on the first chapter of the manga. Consider it a preview ^_^


Shishido and Choutarou are a newly married couple living together in an apartment–that seems to be infested with gay couples that refer to each other as husband and wife. Choutarou is so happy to be married to Shishido, he’s got the horse power like energy to prove it. Sadly Shisihido is the one to feel that power, since Choutarou wants sex all the time–he sees it as part of being married, being able to have sex whenever.

Their household, apartment to be precise, is like your traditional household of the 1950s. Choutarou is the man of the house and leaves in the morning to go to work. Shishido being the house wife that he is stays home and cleans. He’s becoming rather bored with the whole thing until one day the door-to-door salesman knocks at his door. All of a sudden Shishido finds himself in more drama than his favorite soap opera.


The art is very nice, very clean and smooth. The characters look very sexy, and still have their comedic moments. I really fancy how the eyes are drawn in this, but overall everything is nice.


It’s probably too early to tell whether or not this will develop into a drama or comedy manga. I’ll wager on drama just because of the ending scene in chapter one. The story looks somewhat promising. It’s kind of annoying the use of the word “wife” and all that but it’s not too much–then again I can’t really tell just from what I’ve read.
So far there has been one sex scene which was not (very) explicit at all–I hope the rest of the manga isn’t like that. Just out of chapter one you’re introduced to a lot of characters, so that might be hinting that there will some sort of conflict and resolution that will go on in the story. If I may just gave a hunch: the story is probably about Choutarou and Shishido’s relationship and to see whether or not it will actually last.


By Cherubim

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