Kino's Journey

Alternative Title: Kino no Tabi
Director: Ryutaro Nakamura
Producer: Nobuhiro
Creator: Keiichi Shigusawa (Novel)
Animation Director: Takuya Matsumoto, Fumio Matsumoto
Character Design: Shigeyuki Suga
Genre: Adventure
Episodes: 14
Age: 15up

Series Review:
The land is divided into countries, each with their own customs and beliefs; naturally there are those that wish too see as many of these countries as possible. Those people are called travelers, and they are bond to nothing but the road.

That’s where we meet Kino and her talking motorrad, Hermes; together they travel and visit as many countries has they possible can. Each country that they visit is different and unique. Throughout their journeys they have come across interesting customs and beliefs, but they do not interfere with those customs. They only stay in each country for three days, never to over stay their welcome or become to use to one particular place.

Kino only has her weapons, food rations, and Hermes by her side; but that’s all she needs. The land is big and there are still many other countries for Kino to visit, but no matter how wonderful any country is she never looks back.


Although if you watch the series you’ll realize that Kino is not her real name, it’s the name she goes by now. Her name was named after a follow that grew in her country that if you pronounced it a certain way it sounded dirty, what ever that name is still a mystery; however, Kino is her name now. Her age could be anywhere around 12 to 15, but for such a young girl Kino is beyond her years. Besides her motorrad, Hermes, Kino is alone in the world and with that always on the top of her head she has to be strong. Every night she practices drawing her gun that way she’ll always be on her guard, even when she doesn’t look it. It’s amazing to see how many weapons she can carry in one pair of pants. She’s a master of survival and could basically survive anything thrown at her. She travels the world visiting different countries only spending no more than three days, she can’t allow her self to become connected to any one particular country. As she travels the world and visits different countries what kind of adventures will she happen to stumble upon

A talkative motorrad, Hermes always messes up on common phrases and clich├ęs only to be corrected by Kino. Hermes was built by another traveler that came passed through Kino’s home country, but after became Kino’s partner when she left. Hermes needs Kino as much as Kino needs Hermes; Hermes will offer Kino speed to travel from country to country and Kino will offer Hermes balance and the ability to move, they form a symbiotic relationship. Hermes is full of wise cracks. He is Kino’s only form communication while on the road.

Story 8.5/9.0
Characters 9.0/9.0
Music 9.0/9.0
Animation 9.0/9.0

First off, let me explain why the story grade got a 8.5. While this is a series none of the episodes are connected to one another, who could in fact watch them in which ever order you choose. This might be the only flaw in this anime; however, even though the episodes aren’t connected chronologically each poses a story of their very one. Each episode leaves you thinking at the end of it, and is wonderfully done. In a sense Kino’s Journey doesn’t need any order to it’s episodes because it’s the journey that matters not the order. Ok now that that is out of the way…
Kino Journey is a excellent anime one of the best I’ve seen so far. Everything is amazingly done and fully addictive. There are no fillers in this; each episode is another chapter in the life of the traveler named Kino. The series doesn’t start you off with any background information on Kino or Hermes rather it’s right into action. While I had trouble at first understanding why the voice for Kino sounded like girl, when Kino looked like a boy was confusing, at first I thought it was just bad casting on the part of the production committee; but when I found why the voices were actually accurate I realized how deep of an anime this really is. ^^
Each episodes is different and you really wouldn’t expect any of it, in that sense every episodes will offer something new the story, which is Kino’s travels.
I don’t think I could have found another anime that fits the genre Adventure so perfectly.
Kino’s Journey is one of those anime that gets you and never leaves you go. There’s no good or bad guys just reality as it is; Kino Journey taps into the human psyche and makes you questions things like government, religion, customs, and traditions. I highly recommend this anime to anyone that wants an anime that sinks into your head and goes beyond the conventional limits.

By Cherubim

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