Kirby Canvas Curse

Game Title: Kirby Canvas Curse
Console: Nintendo DS
No of Players: 1
Release Date: June 2005 (USA) Sometime this fall for EU
Developer: HAL Labs
Publisher: Nintendo
Age: Everyone

While just chillin in dream land our pink friend, Kirby, comes across a magical mirror and within that magical mirror a dark and evil witch. Thinking that her plans for turning the world into a world of paint would be foiled by Kirby the evil witch turns Kirby into a ball (How very creative of her!). That’s where you come in, you you’re going to have to help Kirby defeat the evil witch and her paintings. How are you doing to do this, well you play as a magical paint brush with your DS pin on the touch screen. You will have to guide Kirby through 7 different stages/worlds and save the dream land from the evil witch.

Game Play
Alright this is where this game gets annoying, as Kirby is freakin helpless with out you–dependant pink bastard. Kirby basically can roll and that’s about it, he can’t jump, move backwards, duck, attack or anything. You’ll have to use your “paint brush” to guide him and stun enemies which would then allow Kirby to kill them. This is can get annoying when you have about 5 enemies on the screen, you’ll have to stun then (which doesn’t last for a long time) and then “paint” a line for Kirby to roll on to attack them. The fact that the slightest touch would hurt Kirby and he can’t do anything for himself annoys me to no end. Since Kirby as no control of where he rolls he can’t stop rolling, which means you’ll always be on high alert checking that he doesn’t run off somewhere and get killed. You’ll have to use the “paint brush” in more ways than just to guide Kirby, from using it as a shield to using to block laser beans. Still it giving you this amount of “freedom and creativity” doesn’t pay off from the sheer annoyance that Kirby can’t stop of moving. Now one of the great appeals of Kirby games is his (is Kirby a “he” I’m not sure) ability to absorbs enemies powers. Sadly in Canvas Curse that too is a let down, the amount of enemies you have to absorb their powers has been cut since the last game by a huge amount. I don’t know off the top of my hair but I’d say about 5-7 in the entire game. This of course because many of the forms he could have absorbed (in the last game) required him to have hands and feet. And even when you have an enemies power (which all you get to see is a ring around Kirby) the powers seems more of a curse (go figure!) than a blessing. Overall the fact that Kirby as no ability other than rolling and you’ll be constantly drawing lines to save him falling over or landing on spikes begins to strain on you.

Controls & Camera

What controls! You use a pen and draw lines and tap on bad guys, that’s it! If Nintendo was trying to so off what the DS Touch Screen can do, they’ve probably annoyed more than they wanted to with this game. The camera is pretty simple too, there is none. Probably more annoying that you have a limited amout of paint that you can use, which means you could be drawing a line and then run out of paint, so you’ll have to keep an eye on that (which is located on the top screen of the DS). It’s damn annoying the fact that Kirby is just always rolling and can’t stop! When you need to go up, you have to “paint’ the line. Kirby has no control he’s always running into things. The fact is you’ll be too busy trying to save the pink ball to notice anything else about the game.

The music is this game varies a lot; for the most part it’s rather simple background music. The best music sequence for me had to be when you fought the final bad guy, it was fast paced and really sounded epic–with a touch of cuteness. The rest of the music in this game is pretty ok, nothing spectacular or out of this world but just generally “ok”. It’s more relaxing, getting you into that mood for playing a annoying game.

Ah One of the good things about this game. The graphics are smooth and clean, plus everything is much more close up than in previous Kirby games. Everything has a cute and cuddle-cious appeal to it, even the enemies are adorable. ^_^ The worlds are some what different from one another so that leaves the feeling of repetition at bay which is good. It’s

After you’ve made it through the stages, defeated the three types of bosses besides the main boss, you’ll unlock a few extras to keep you busy. Something like a race to the finish type deal. Once you finish that and collect all the medals you’ll unlock new character balls (each with their own special ability) to play with in the stages. Meh, it’s nothing to get worked over and the new character balls aren’t that great in the first place.

I must say it’s the commercial that got me into this game–damn subliminal messaging. The game is really for Kirby fans because they might be the only ones that could take it all. Kirby Canvas Curse is one of those “1 Day” games, where you can finish everything in a day’s time and pretty much put the game down and never play with it again. This game would probably be enjoyed more if in the back seat of a car and have a long drive ahead of you.
The touch screen feature was probably the one feature this game wanted to present the most to DS owners, and I have to say I’m not impressed. This game clearly showed that while the touch screen feature was interesting to use, it by no means beats the good and always reliable control pad–at least with the control pad you would have had some more control. I must say that my main things with this game was the fact that their was so little control of kirby and that it became annoying to wtach after him and draw lines. With only 8 stages and very few extras this game will be finished in no time and really won’t be much entertainment. I say if you really want to play this game and you really like Kirby, rent it and save the money.

By Cherubim

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