Shin – layout 6

Juli 2004 – May 2006, longest running layout and best received thusfar it would seem.

Blog layout 01 – winter

This was up from winter 2005 – spring 2006.
I’m still pleased with the minimalist look, although some seemed to have a hard time finding the menu on the right side.
I’ll probably come back to this eventually because I think it had potential. – layout 3 – splash page 2

And the second saved one from the days of long ago was done by the now MIA hefferwolfe.
The binary background thingie is better visible in this piccy then in the screenshot of Layout 3. – layout 3 – splash page 1

Remember the old random splashpages we had on the index page? I came across them while working on the site and cleaning up some of the old stuff.
I decided to take a screenshot and save it here for posterity.
As can be seen from the background this was from the time of Layout 3.
I guess it’s nothing special these days but it looked pretty trendy at the time and I’m still happy with the way the blue colors worked out. – layout 5

The one that’s been online for the longest period in this site’s history thusfar, from January or February 2003 through Juli 2004. – layout 2

Finally, thanks to the wayback machine, one of the missing pieces: layout 2.
This one was made with Corvo and was up at the start of 2002. – layout 4

Seeing as 3 was totally minimalistic 4 ‘ofcourse’ had to be the total opposite.
It looks purty but slicing was a nightmare. That plus the fact that it’s too big KB wise means it’ll soon (at the time of writing this) be replaced.

Game Sekai layout

Layout made by me for late 2002.
(ugly menu textlinks are NOT mine *grin*) – layout 3

a.k.a. the minimalistic one. After changing layouts rather rapidly prior to this one I got tired of it and just scratched 95% keeping only a simple and barely visible background.
This one was used for the better part of 2002.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.