Love Hustler (Fan Scanlation)

Author: Hiiro Reiichi
Website for Dl:
Genre: Yaoi
Age: 18up -Nothing too Bad though-


Nikaidou is a excellent magician aboard the Cruise Ship named Lorelei. His life was pretty ordinary until the day he met the casino dealer named Takanashi. One night before Nikaidou had to go on stage he ran into Takanashi as Takanashi was about to take his room. Well Nikaidou really wasn’t going to give up his room to some random casino employee. However, Takanashi seems to have taken an interest in Nikaidou, and his room, and request the master key after Nikaidou leaves. After the show who else but Takanashi does Nikaidou meet when he opens his bedroom door. “No” doesn’t seem to be a part of Takanashi vocabulary. Takanashi challenges Nikaidou to a game, the winner gets the room; however, they won’t be playing with chips rather clothes (Nice!). Befor elong Takanashi find himself down to his undies, and before he has to remove that final piece of clothing and loose his room (and Lord only knows what else) an explosion goes off. (Damn!) Suddenly the ship is making it’s way to the merky bottom. Nikaidou decides to follow Takanashi even when Takanashi jumps ships.

After safely landing on raft and then proceeding to board another ship, Takanashi explains that he isn’t just a great poke player but a tresure hunter. And that he was on board the Lorelei to see the safe return of a rare item; however, it seems the person that blew up the ship got away with the item. Even after all of trhat Nikaidou decides to stay with Takanashi. His reason (a.k.a excuse) that they never finished their poker game and that Takanashi promissed, his real reason: he’s madly in love with Takanashi. ^.^

All is not lost for Takanshi, it appears that the ship the mysterious Shachi escaped on is still in the general area. He makes preps to go after him. His search leads him to a small island. As Takanshi prepares to leave Nikaidou jumps into his arms saying that he’ll go with him.

Ok not to spoil the rest of the story for you. (>_>) Nikaidou and Tikanshi arrive at the island and become seperated, and it seem the mysterious Shachi knows more than we would have expected. Some how our two heroes will have to find a way to get the item back and take care of Shachi before it’s too mate. ^_^

Very nice manga, even more nicer yaoi manga. Loev Hustler is certainly a manga for those that prefer story to sex. The sex scenes aren’t graphic and are very spread out through the manga. The artwork is very well done, so no problems there. The story is really one that un-folds as you read it, it gets better and better on each page. There are a few plot twists and such, so it makes for an interesting turn of events. It’s worthy to be read by not only yaoi fans but everyone. A good manga if you need to catch up on your manga reading. What’s nice about it is that Love Hustler skips all that romantic mumbo jumbo and focuses more on the story about retreiving the lost item that the relationship, which I guess you can hate or like, but either way it blends yaoi and action very well.

There is certainly a good chance for it to be published in the west, but we’ll just have to wait to see. Action based story fans, yaoi fans, action based story yaoi fans I’m sending this one out to you. Love Hustler has depth and an interesting story from start to finish, hope you enjoy reading.


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