Love In A Small Apartment (Fan Scanlation)

Author: Hyouta Fujiyama
Genre: Yaoi
Age: 18up -Nothing graphic though-

Review based on first section of Manga “Love In A Small Apartment”

Love in a small apartment is pretty much you’re cut and dry yaoi manga. The story involves two best friends Kouno and Takagi Natsu, who his friends just call Nat. Ususally they spend their time just hanging out talking about the silly things friends talk about. However what Natsu doesn’t know is that Kouno is madly in love with him, but dares not say.
One night while they were hanging out and drinking, talking about how smoking makes your penis shorter (O.o); out of the blue Kouno starts making the moves on unsuspecting Natsu. Natsu, who after he gets over the shock admits that he’s a virgin, and didn’t know that guys could do IT. (lol)
Kouno was just drunk when he did it and didn’t know what he says doing except that he liked Natsu. Well Kouno is in for a surprise when Natsu asked for more; he was mad or think of it as weird that he and Kouno just did IT, being two guys and all.
Ever since that night Natsu has been coming for more whenever he wants, knowing that Kouno would gladly give. Kouno begins to have second thoughts about what’s going on; he starts to think that Natsu might be in only for the sex, and this theory is only boosted when he sees Natsu arrive at his apartment comming out of a car with a women. Kouno immediately starts to think that his feelings are being taken for granted and that he’s the other woment…I mean man…the other man. ^_^
Kouno decides to comfort Natsu about the situation, he starts to wonder if things weren’t better when they were just friends. Lashing out at Natsu for treating him like nothing more than an object. He goes even so far as to think Natsu out of the small apartment; however, when he steps out and realizes that Natsu is still there something sparks in him. When Natsu comes back in to get his stuff he holds Natsu tight and admits his true feelings for Kouno.

Alright since I was just able to http download the first chapter I wasn’t able to get everything, but I can tell you that so far it seems like a good story, certainly one worth reading during your free time. Chapter one was enough of a story for me, but I’m left wondering if their relationship will honestly last. There aren’t enough sex scenes, but that’s just my naughty side talking, and the story isn’t too romantic as it is dramatic.
This is one of my yaoi manga I don’t suggest downloading merely because this was the first manga that this fanscanlators took under their wing, so they didn’t perfect the art of scanning and editing yet. It gets very hard to read the text and the scans themselves are of bad quality. It’s a good story and worthy of being officially translated one day (along with the billion of other yaoi mangas out there). Certainly pressure the companies that publish Yaoi to license it though. ^_^*
If you’re looking for a nice yaoi with not so much sex but certainly story depth Love in a Small Apartment seems promissing enough to satisfy what you want.


By Cherubim

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