Love Squall

Author: Youka Nitta
Genre: Hardcore Yaoi
Status: Dounjinshi of Haru Wo Daite Ita
Published Outside Japan: No
Published by: N/A
Release Date: N/A
Age Appropriateness: 18+

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Katou and Iwaki have decided to spice up their love life. They bought a pair of sex dice to play the game. The game is really fun. See what you do is roll both dice, or is it “di”, and it will tell you what to do. One dice gives the actions and the other dice says where you have to perform that action. Examples: Kiss+Nipple, Lick+Ear, Blow+”Organ” that sort of stuff. Anyway back to the story…

Iwaki is a bit annoyed by the whole thing because he just wants to have sex and not waste time playing a game, but he goes only with it. It’s probably because he gets all the good combinations. Razz

Katou however is having a hard time–literally. He’s ready to unload but he has to play by the rules and wants to hold it in. (I’m about to cross the line with the subjective humor aren’t I.) Iwaki tells him that they can stop playing that Katou’s “organ” looks likes it’s in pain holding all of that in, but Katou refuses–stubborn man. They continue to play the game, and play with each other. Kotou is becoming reckless, panting and becoming dizzy. He needs a “Insert+Organ” right away. He’s gone to far as to calucatle the probobilty that he’ll get what he wants. Iwaki realizes it’s too much for Katou and just lies about what the dice really say. Finally! Katou get what he wants, too bad it’s too late. T.T

They decide the game itself is too much trouble and it almost injured Katou’s tool. So they go back to the old fashion way of doing things.


The characters are very gorgeous and their bodies are nice. Since the entire story takes place in their bedroom there isn’t much to say for background. The level of detail is nice. Everything looks clean and detailed. Nothing terribly wrong with it.


Finally a yaoi that gives what I want and nothing else: hot men having sex! Really after all the yaoi I’ve read finally a yaoi that strips away the story-line and just shoots straight for sex. I feel like giving this a 10/10 just for that. But I’ll try to be objective (for once). Since there is no real story to this, there isn’t much to say (which made writing this review wicked easy). So I’ll skip to focusing on you all, the readers. If you like yaoi with lots of sex scenes then you’ll like this. The sex is more individual acts not a work in progress but it’s still good.


By Cherubim

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