Maburaho vol. 1

Author: Toshihiko Tsukiji
Characters Designs: Eiji Komatsu
Art: Miki Miyashita
Published by: ADV Manga
Release Date: April 2005
Genre: Comedy
Age: 13+


Shikimori, or Kazuki to some, just woke up from a dramatic event and it seems he’s lost his memory and doesn’t know who he is. Well what he’s about to learn can very give him a heart attack, apparent young Shikimori has not one, not two, but three girls in his life; one wife, one fiancĂ©e and one girlfriend. Waking up to that fact must have taken 10 years off Shikimori’s life. But it isn’t as complicated as it sounds. See Shikimori and the others like him have magical powers. Each person with this ability as a certain number of times they can use magic in their lives. People with this ability attend special schools where they learn how to handle their magic. Shikimori has a magical qoutient of seven; however, he comes from a elite bloodline of magicians. The girls that claim to his leading ladies aren’t interested in Shikimori per se but his DNA, all of them wanting to bear his offspring, which would surely be a magican of unimaginable power. Each of the girls are after the same thing, but they have different reasons. Kazetsubaki is tying to boost her family reputation, Rin is trying to rebuild her’s and Yuna’s, the girl that claims to love Shikimori for himself and not his genes (see if I was saying it it would have been a funny, you know gene=jeans, yeah back to the review), family is on the decline and having the baby of from Shikimori’s bloodline would certainly put her family back on the top. Naturally Shikimori needs a few minutes to take that all in. ^.^ He really doesn’t offer much else to the girls: he ain’t got the looks, is broke, a coward and can only use magic seven times his entire life; so when girls like you just for your genetical make up, it kind of hurts.

Well they still have to go to school, the prized acadamey for gifted magic users, which Shikimori only got into because of his DNA. Since he lost his memory the girls take it upon themselves to teach him how things go down in the Academy, and that’s where the fun really starts. From whether it is school outfits that increase a certain ability to hit-men in the cafe. The Aoi Academy is certainly a fun place.

The girls however haven’t given up on their little duel over Shikimori’s DNA, in fact they come up with schemes and magical potients to get Shikimori to fork over his DNA. The jury is still out on who Shikimori will pick, if anyone! He has a lot to learn and his girls pulling on him every where he goes. Choosing a mate has never been this deadly, because surely which girl(s) he doesn’t pick will kill him.

Very funny manga to read, from the beginning to the end. It’s a funny story about irony and and memory lost. Shikimori the boy with the perfect DNA has no other attribute and the girls all just want him. You’ll certainly have a few laughs in the few couple of pages. The stuff Shikimori goes through is just too funny. Poor chap. Razz
The characters make for a interesting clash because their personalities are all different. What’s cool is that even though they are, in theory, rivals the girls are still friends, just not when Shikimori is around. It’s a nice tale of love, friendship, reproduction and High School.
The artwork I’m some what mixed about, if you like a more serious tone in the artwork department Maburaho might not be your thing, then again this is a comedy there is a certain level of cuteness we all have to accept here, but it fits the manga’s general message well.
Marburaho is certainly a good manga to read if you like silly romantic comedies. I say it was a nice read, and I can’t wait to read the end of this adventure for Shikimori and see who he picks as his mate, or who the girls allow him to pick.


By Cherubim

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