WWDC 2012 Keynote

Hmm, it’s a mixed bag this year. There’s plenty of new awesomeness, just not for me.

MacBook Pro with Retina display
Bloody fast, bloody awesome, bloody brilliant screen and alas, bloody expensive.

I’m surprised to see the 3GS is still supported, but weird the iPad 1 isn’t seeing as it’s quite a bit faster than the 3GS. Siri is finally coming to the iPad (yay!), but only the new iPad, not the iPad2 (boo!).
Nice mail improvement to finally be able to insert video and photo in the mail as you type instead of having to compose a mail from the albums app.
Safari iCloud tabs so you can pick up where you left things on your Mac. And an offline reading list for reading on the go is a welcome addition for those of us with crappy carriers (hello t-mobile, I’m looking at you).
No new notifications, no new look, several new apps but none I care about too much at this point.

Mountain Lion
It’s coming next month, it’ll be available for only $19.99 and I’m shit out of luck as my iMac is too old (late 2006 model) to upgrade to it for some reason which I can’t quite understand. So no Airplay Mirroring for me. :/

Mac Pro
Even though it wasn’t in the keynote the Mac Pro line finally got updated with a nice speed boost and quite a price slash. Quite a price slash in Apple terms that is, still way out of my league.

Watch the keynote.

Custom message OsX login screen

Add a custom message to Your Mac OS X Login Screen to help people contact you if your Mac is lost. Useful if you have a portable Mac.

Apple Wallpapers

This post serves no purpose whatsoever but to test the new WordPress post formats.
So I hereby proudly present the wallpapers that reside in my Mac Mini’s wallpaper folder. Rejoice!

WWDC 2011

or more specifically, the World Wide Developers Conference opening keynote speech by Steve Jobs and colleagues. Meaning it’s for developers, not end users.
In a nutshell: iOS5 will be awesome, this fall. Lion is going to be awesome, next month for only $29.99. MobileMe turns into iCloud and will be free, costs $25 a year if you want to use the music syncing option.

You can watch the whole keynote here, or download it here.

Or instead of watching the whole 2 hour keynote, which I do recommend, you could opt to check out the 4 minute ‘musical’:

It’s amazing incredible

OS X 10.5.8 update


Probably the last update before Snow Leopard is upon us, really looking forward to that.
Hmm, looking at the screenshot reminds me I still need to bump that 1GB of RAM up to 2GB, 1 really isn’t enough for OS X.

OS X 10.5.7 update

OsX update 10.5.7

And just as I was about to update this post caught my eye in my newsfeed.
Apparently even on a Mac it’s good to wait a few days before installing a major operating system upgrade.

EDIT: Never mind, 10 minutes after posting this I get a message from my iMac saying it’s already downloaded the update and asking me if I want to install it.
2 clicks and 5 minutes later and here we are, all is right in the world.
Now I hope it’ll go as smoothly on the Mini, seeing as that’s a bit more critical.

Mac photo apps

Here’s a question for the Mac users out there.
I’m taking an average of about 4-500 photos a week and now I’m leaving the last remainder of Windows behind and switching over to the Mac for my last computer I’m on the lookout for a good way to organize my photos and for any good applications to edit them. So iPhoto, Aperture, Gimp, Photoshop, what do you use?

Turning your Mac into a webserver

Here’s how to turn your Mac into a web/mail/ftp server with all the trimmings.
Apache is included and works just fine, just turn on web sharing in you preferences.
If you intend on hosting multiple sites, here’s a rundown on how to configure virtual hosts.
PHP comes included with Leopard but is disabled by default. You could enable it, however, it’s rather limited as a lot of extras aren’t included which can be rather useful on a webserver, such as GD support. It’s therefor better to download and install Entropy’s PHP package.
MySQL, just download and install the official build from here. I might make a followup post covering MySQL’s post install tasks such as setting the root password, creating users and databases from the command line.
Mail. By far the easiest and least hair pulling way to set up a full mailserver is by ploinking down $25 for MailServe Pro (or $15 for MailServe if you don’t care about Dovecot. I do because it’s faster and supports multilevel folder creation). You’ll have your mailserver up and running in under 5 minutes, well worth the money.
FTP, this can be useful if you use a different computer as your client machine, or if you want to allow other people access to your mac for their own sites. For this I use the excellent PureFTPd Manager.
And finally, seeing as you’ll undoubtedly be editing a lot of textfiles and the Mac’s TextEdit can mess them up, get TextWrangler for all your editing needs, it even integrates in your command line.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.