Magic Knight Rayearth

Artist: CLAMP
Genre: SHOUJO, Magical Schoolgirls, cute animals, heroic adventures, and love…*sigh*
Full of?: Mecha, magic and swords, cute animals, bishies, cute schoolgirls, color/elemental themed stuff
What not to like?: Nothing…well not everyone is into Shoujo, so maybe that.

What do you do when your class field trip suddenly turns into a nightmare as you and two people you just met are thrown across time and space to some other land. A magical land called Cephiro where you have been called upon to save it from evil forces.
Why you kick some ass and take names, thats what you do!

This is one of CLAMP’s critically acclaimed series, and with good reason. This is also some Shoujo at its finest. Three regular girls find themselves in this land of magic, and they have to become the Magic Knights to stand up to the evil. Along the way they will make friends, meet many new and strange things, and look so damn cute while doing it.

Hikaru, Umi and Fuu are three schoolgirls who find themselves in the roles of the magic knights. As well as unlocking new powers they never knew they had, and realizing more about themselves, they find the power to change the world…

Hikaru- Born August 8th. 14 and in the Eight grade she doesn’t look it because she is so short and cute. She is a O bloodtype. She was raised in a Kendo Dojo so she is tomboyish and good with swords. She represents the aspect of fire.(as if her red hair and such, along with her birthday didnt give it away)
Umi- Born March 3rd(noticing a pattern yet…) and also in the eighth grade. She is a daughter of an important family and attends a school famouse for its upper class students. A pisces and A bloodtype. She is not tomboyish at all, and is compared as being more beautiful than idols(japanese singers). Often focuses on the here and now, and more shallow things sometimes. She is the aspect of Water
Fuu- Born December 12th, in the eighth grade. She attends the school famous for its “genuises”. She is shy and quiet, reserved but highly intelligent. Also an A bloodtype. She represents the aspect of wind.

Similar tastes:
Shoujo, whee. Why not look to Card Captor Sakura, or Fushigi Yuugi or RG Veda(for the adventuring types). Also there is CLAMP school detectives with three main characters oddly similar to these three.

Where can i get it?: Also licensed. Pick it up with any of your manga. I believe it is sold in sets, containing the first 3 which is the first series, and the last 3 which is the second series. Has the three mangas and a bonus book which contains all the CLAMP Pirate Newsletters and Extra stages that us cool owners of the originals had included in the back of each manga.

By Darknight ZO

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