Maison Ikkoku

Ending song 2

Godai is a ronin (someone who has failed university entrance exams) living in a run down apartment house called Maison Ikkoku. Among the other residents are the nosy Ichinose, the sexy Akemi Roppongi, and the mysterious Yotsuya. The others are given to having wild parties which makes it difficult for Godai to study. Into this mayhem comes the recently widowed Kyoko as the new live-in manager. Godai falls for her, but doesn’t have the nerve to tell her. As time passes, their relationship slowly develops amid life at Maison Ikkoku, despite all sorts of romantic hurdles.

Opening song 3

It’s a dime a dozen now, but not back in ’86 when this was originally made. And it’s fun, good fun. You can’t help but feel for poor Godai as he struggles to win the heart of Kyoko while dodging his most annoying neighbors. But despite being mostly lighthearted it also adds a lot of depth by going into all the sidecharacters so you even sympathize with the annoying Akemi & Yotsuya, or his rival in love Mitaka.
I also love the soundtrack, all the different opening and ending themes are classic 80’s stuff at its finest. If slice of life is your thing you can do worse than checking out this classic, and with 96 episodes there sure are a lot of slices.

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