PETA campaigns against Mario

PETA vs. Mario, round 1, fight!
Apparently Mario is the latest target in PETA’s campaign because he wears a Tanooki suit, which could be interpreted as him being pro-fur.

Does anyone not think of PETA as a farce?

Super Mario Sunshine

Game Title: Super Mario Sunshine
Platform: GameCube
No. of Players: 1
Memory Card Blocks needed: 7
Extras: N/A
Difficulty: Easy
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Adventure/Action
Age: General

Mario and Princess Peach are going on vacation to the beautiful Isle Delfino for some good R&R (rest and relaxation). Unfortunately their vacation won’t be a sun tanning expanaza. Out of the blue a mysterious mario look a like has popped up on Isle Delfino equipped with a magical paint brush this new Mario begins to cover the clean island in grafitti. The authorities arrest Mario instead of the real crimminal, Mario now has to clean up the entire island before he can leave. All the while find the real culprep and bring him to New York plumber justice. Mario gets the help of a state of the art squirk gun that will help him clean up Isle. Delphino and catch the imposter.

Game Play:
You play as Mario and this time you’ll be controlling a talking squirt machine. The Machine itself has several different forms that will aid you in your quest. There’s the default squirt, which you will always have no matter what the other nozzle you choose: the squirt is your main weapon, you will have to recharge when the tank is empty but that’s easy. The other three nozzle include a turbo (which is good mainly when you’re in the water) the rocket (which allows you to reach those high places in a matter of seconds) and the hover (which allows you to hover for a short period of time, and squirk/attack your enemies below). You’ll have to master and use different nozzles in order beat certain enemies. However this game isn’t a simple squirk and run, it will push you to figure exactly what needs to be done, in fact in many stages you’re squirk gun will be taken away from you. Isle. Delphino is is an expansive and large world, each new area will be different from the one before and present a new challenge. The objective is to complete a mission collect the shine sprite (the same exact star we saw in Mario 64 under a different name). As you collect more shine sprites more areas will open and you’ll continue the story, eventually reaching the final bad guy–who I won’t spoil for you by telling who it is. (Shuuuu)
And Yoshi fans will go crazy as our little green buddy makes an appearance to help our other little dude out–but be careful keep Yoshi away from water.

Music & Sounds:
The Music in Mario Sunshine fits the tropical feel the game wants to presents. It’s a much more relax and get a tan than a fast pase action one, still when your fighting the bad guys you’ll get a boost of music that’s certainly going to help you feel like the awesome player you are. (Uh huh uh huh)

Probably the best aspect to this game is it’s awesome graphics. Everything is cell shaded and looks awesome. There isn’t much to say other than you won’t be disappointed.

Controls & Camera:
Controls are easy to handle, reloading your squirk gun is easy and quick. With the aid of the squirk gun (and sometimes without) Mario can perform sweet tricks, some of which damage enemies others just look cool. Very Happy It might take time to get use to them to be able to perform them with ease, but other than that controls easy and smooth. The camera is easy to control (default: the C stick) and will actually be of good use to you with your playing. One part that might be difficult is using the squirk gun, which when your using it will make Mario stand still and well you can get hurt. Still overall the controls and camera are easy and smooth to control.


One thing I like about Mario games is that fact that replayabilty is always awesome. Mario Sunshine doesn’t disappointed, if hanging around the harbor gets boring–which it shouldn’t anytime soon, there is always something you can find to do, going back into old stages for a new enviroment is always sweet.

Awesome game. With an relaxing tone to it Mario Sunshine would give it’s players a break from the serious tone of thing. An interesting story, although it’s the same plot that we’ve seen in so many Mario games: Save Princess Peach, there are a few suprizes and twist which is good for keeping you interested. The stages are all very different from the others so players get a new feel each time they unlock a new stages. The seperate mission/objectives in each stage is also different so players won’t have that feeling of repition as soon as they start to play. Just playing around in this game was enough for me, the stages were big and let my creative imagination go free, so hopefully you’ll like that. The bosses, some, present a bit of difficulty to them and will take some thinking to figure out how you’re going beat them. Overalll the game is pretty easy but still enoyable to play. Both Mario and non-Mario fans would like this game. Not many faults and pretty damn enjoyable!

By Cherubim

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