Megaman X7

Megaman X7Game Title: Megaman X7
Console: Playstation 2
No. of Players: 1
Release Date: Oct 2003
Genre: Action
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Age: Everyone

Megaman is back, and this time he’s got help and a whole new batch of bad guys to face. However, instead of the traditional Megaman being the protagonist we have a new hero Axl. A mysterious characters that use to be part of the Red Alert Syndicate. The story revolves around Axl, after he leaves the Syndicate, who used him just for his abilities, and joining the good guys. He teams up with Megaman, who is called X in this game, and Zero in a series of search of rescue missions and defeat the members of the Syndicate. Set in a new and expansive world Megan X7’s story has many plot twist and suprises to keep you busy. The story is “unlocked” by defeating stages in the game, after you defeat a stage you’ll go through a cutscene, which will progress the story. Since you can randomly choose any stage in any order the story doesn’t follow a set plot line but rather a series of fragments. The story is shown through a series of dialog between the characters with snapshots for visual aid, not the best thing but you deal with what you got. As you progress the story you realize that Axl is a more unique than you would have expected.

Megaman X7 screenshotGameplay
Mixing the traditional 2-D gameplay that we all know and somewhat love of the Megaman franchise with a new 3-D gameplay. The game is pretty basic actually, standard fighting Megaman-style. You get the option of going to 9 (default) stages, plus the final boss, where one member of the Red Alert Syndicate have made their base. Each stage is different and offers different challenges for you to face. After you finish the stage you’ll face one of the Syndicate members. The games gets even more interesting that once you defeat one of the Syndicate members you receive their signature move–just formated to fit your character. This makes fighting other members easier, since you have acces for stronger moves than your default one. Now another plus is the fact that you don’t go into a stage alone but rather with a partner of your choosing–it’s not all that since you only have 3 characters and one of which (X) you don’t unlock until the mid-end of the game. For most of the game you’ll be playing with Axl and Zero, both of which are very different from each other. Zero’s sword is a pretty sweet weapon, since it has the ability to reflect many attacks. He also has the ability to double jump–which helps in those touch spots. Axl is a gunner and has the ability to hover for a short period of time. Since you have the ability to switch instantly it’s easy to save yourself from certain doom, when you realize that you need the other character to win. Megamn is basically like Axl just his left arm is his main weapon. The special ability you receive from the Syndicate differ on which character uses them, which means you all have to see which one is best for either situation. Each stage can be defeated by either character however it might be more difficult a character in a certain stage than the other. Now much of the games hype is the 3-D feature but really it isn’t so “Wow”. Most of the game is (still) in the traditional 2-D format and the few places that are in 3-D are small and short lived. Blame fans for thinking when the cover says “3-D” they thought it meant an expansive three dimension world not a world where you have the ability to move side by side. Still the 3-D ability even though it’s small is well appreciated. Some stages are entirely in 3-D, however they are small and pretty structured so you really aren’t free to move about, and other strickly 2-D and other mixed. Now actually playing the game can be annoying because the characters move quite slowly, not like there’s a glitch slow but slow because the have such big feet. Overall the game is nice, the new features, extra abilities and more gameplay offers a unique experiance for players.

Awesome graphics any Megaman fan would agree. Everything looks clean, smooth and fun. The characters have a nice smooth 3-D look to them. There is a nice amount of detail given to the characters. The world is pretty cool, pretty basic though, each stage looks very different from the last. There could be more realism to the game but it’s Megaman and it’s Megaman for kids so it’s understandable why everything looks so cute and clean.

Controls and Camera
The controls in this game are pretty easy to handle, especially since you’re playing mostly in a 2-D world. You have the ability to jump, duck (where?), shoot, change your weapon with one of the custom abilities you got from the Red Alert Syndicate. Also with the click of a button you can switch characters. See, easy!
The camera is pretty simple too. You don’t have any when you’re playing 2-D, and sometimes in 3-D it’s automatic too; however, sometimes you have the option of the traditional rotation left to right or vice versa. Standard stuff nothing too special but sometimes simplicity is best.

Music & Sounds
Since the game story is only “seen” through dialog the voices had to be good. Overall the music and voices aren’t bad pretty on the mark with what you would expect. Don’t expect to be blown away by anything though. The game has a way of just being the standard thing. You don’t see their lips move just a snapshot with the voice actor reading the text.

Meh, there really isn’t much thrill in playing this game over, or even going back through a old stage for that reason. One major part of the game is rescuing ‘people’; however, if the person you are suppose to rescue gets killed that’s it. You can’t come back to rescue them again later. There isn’t really much in terms of power ups so once you finish a stage you’re pretty much done, the only reason to go back would be to test out you’re new weapons. This is probably the worst part of the game, that once you finished a stage there isn’t any insentive to go back. So the game gets pretty boring pretty fast.

Megaman X7 is a cool for Megaman fans, most others probably wouldn’t be able to tolerate it. However the game is really just a weekend rent game. It can be completed in a fairly short period of time. There isn’t much to do after you’ve done it one time, and since it can be completed quickly that’s just two thumbs down at the get go. Still Megaman fans should rejoice, the game itself might not have lived up to what we expected but still it was a fun ride. Interesting game play with cool features. Still the game could have added more and gave you more to do. It really fits the saying “short lived”. The idea of bringing 3-D to Megaman is an interesting idea and if anything Megaman X7 laid the foundations to progress on. If you really want a Megaman game I suggest you save you’re money and just rent it over a weekend.

By Cherubim

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