Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes

Platform: Gamecube
Number of players: 1
Difficulty: Various
Developer: Konami, Silicon Knights
Publisher: Konami
Genre: Stealth/Action
Age Rating: 15 (UK certificate)

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes is a exact remake of Metal Gear Solid that was released for the PS in 1998. But here is the twist, it now has much cleaner graphics, new cut scenes, and some surprising twists, and with new tricks that were unavailable in the original game. This time, Konami alone did not make this game, They teamed up with Silicon Knights (Eternal Darkness) Hideo Kojima, and for the cut scenes they teamed up with Ryuhei Kitamura (Devil May Cry).
So on with the review.


In 2005 (not confirmed in game, but think of time and things, its in 2005) a special group soldiers under Fox Hound (A unit in the USA army to stop terrorist acts) take hostage a small island in Alaska, called Shadow Moses Island, that is used as a place to dispose of Nuclear Weapons and train next generation Fox Hound members. If there demands are not met in 24 hours, they launch a nuclear weapon at America. The same origination, Fox Hound send Solid Snake into Shadow Moses to try and end the problem….


Gameplay mostly consists of going from one area to the next without being seen by the soldiers/animals that guard Shadow Moses, with the occasional boss event in between. If you are seen, you can either stay, and fight the oncoming back up of guards (never a good option when playing in normal/hard/extreme) or try to hide in gaps, rooms, under vehicles and yes, hiding in a cardboard box, until they stop looking for you. You can do various things in Twin Snakes to avoid being seen that you would never dream of doing back in 1998. Such as hanging of ledges, hiding in lockers, you also have the trusty tranquilliser gun from Metal Gear Solid 2 (basically all the new tricks are from Metal Gear Solid 2) this is handy seeing as you can finish the game without having to cause a single kill. First person view also becomes a lot more helpful for them head/leg/arm shots, also if you want to shoot there radio so they cant call for back up.


Cut scenes

Cut scenes, they are either brilliantly made, or just ridiculously over done. It looks like most of the game was inspired by the matrix. Such as Snake firing a bullet in slow motion only for it to be cut in half by a ninja’s blade then only to narrowly missing a hostage. Then some cut scenes are just over the top, either making Snake look like Neo, way to many explosions are something stupid such as snake jumping of a stinger missile and firing a rocket at a helicopter all in slow motion. It can be really well made none the less.



Music has totally changed in this remake, it now sounds more along the lines of the music that the composer from Metal Gear Solid 2 made. It sounds a lot like a Hollywood film sound track! There are some brilliant songs in there.


This is were the game loses points. The controls are hard to get used to and can/are annoying. You have to press start and B just to pause the game, start and A to open the radio etc. but after you get used to the controls you should be okay.
6/10 (difficult controls)

Extra’s/ Replay value

There’s quite a lot of replay value in this game. There are two endings, the Otacon ending and the Meryl ending. For each ending, you receive an item to help you on your next game. After finishing the game for the fist time, you get a Battle Survival, were you have to defeat all the boss’ of the game without the aid of health items. A theatre to view cut scenes. There’s also irrelevant things such as a photo album and a dog tag viewer.


This is a good game despite its faults (over the top cut scenes, bad controls) but, this makes up for it in graphics and Gameplay. A good game for fans of the original Metal Gear Solid game, and for the newcomer of the series. The game is very short and can be finished in a day on one ending. Good for renting if you can.


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