Director: Rintaro
Original Manga: Osamu Tezuka
Art director: Shuichi Hirata

Welcome to a world where robots and other machines are part of everyday life. (Take 2006 and times it by 50 if you are total geek like me.) In this version of the future robots make the life of the everyday man much much easier, in fact most people just enjoy life and don’t do much work. The young detective, Kenichi, and his uncle, Shunsaku Ban, are on the pursuit of a dangerous, and of course, mad scientist named Dr. Laughton. They eventually follow their leads to the city of Metropolis, the heart of the new technology-wave. They’ve arived in the city at an interesting time too, Duke Red, Metropolis’ entreapenuer, has unveiled his newest project: the Ziggurat. The Ziggurat being a machine that has unbelievable power to push Metropolis even further ahead of all the other cities in terms of technology.

However, while everything seems fine in Metropolis: human and robots exisiting peacefully without any war, but things aren’t as they seem. Robots no matter how much they work, don’t get the rights they deserved. In fact the Robots are segregated into levels, the robots on the lowest level are treated the worse and their world looks like trash. You see the city of Metropolis is divided into levels, the best level being the top level and they get worse and worse as they go down. There have been protest, by robot and man alike, to change things but when that happens Marduk Party is there to crush the opprising. The Marduk Party being the party that pretty much runs everything in Metropolis, even though they aren’t part of the police force and have their own agenda, who are under leadership by Duke Red.

Okay back to the story about Kenichi and Shunsaku. They’ve been giving clearance to look around Metropolis and it looks liked they’ve found him, in a run-down labortory. Now eventhough Dr. Laughton barely got away he left something behind. A little girl, well a robotic girl, to be precise. Kenichi and Tima (the robot girl) are now lost in Metropolis and the Marduk Party are on their trial. This is where the journey starts as Kenchi and Tima, who by now have been seperated from Shunsaky Ban, are trying to find their way out of the multiple levels of Metropolis, without getting caughty by Rock, who leads the Marduk Party, and is after them without the intention of getting them out of the way.

Tension is building around the city and the robots are starting to question what they are doing. (Oh oh) Soon Kenichi will realize that the girl he found in the lab plays the biggest part in the balance that might bit humans against their creations the machine. Soon the Ziggurat will reach it’s full potentional and no one will be able to stop it’s true purpose.

Characters [Too be Posted Soon]

Story 80/100
Characters 75/100
Animation 80/100
Music 90/100

Overall 75/100

I won’t lie to you, my immediate reaction to this was “Oh this looks like Astro Boy,” I didn’t really want to watch it because the animation style just didn’t look very serious. However I decided to sit down and just look at it, and I was blown away. While the drawn animation was very “Astro Boy” the 3-D parts were amazing, the blend was also done very well.

Now the story was interesting, although the whole “Man vs. Machine” theme have been over done, this one was somewhat interesting. The film doesn’t do a good job about keeping you interested, and it’s something you have to watch in it’s entirety to feel as if it was worth it. Don’t get me wrong, the story wasn’t bad it just wasn’t very interesting. I enjoyed watching it but it wasn’t anything special, I don’t think if the creators added any extra it would change anything, except turn it into nuthing but an over-done anime with no real attraction. Basically I never took the film seriously.

However there were some things that I liked about this film. The music for one was simply amazing. None of it, if I can recall correctly, was japanese, instead it was all music from the early part of the 20th century (1900-2000), so fans of the early stuff from the 40s will love this. The music was a perfect match for the film. I think it was the contrast between the ‘classical’ music and the futuristic city, or the fact that while the city was way into the future it was done in the style mimiced the 1940s Metropolitan City–haha, I didn’t even notice that connection until then.

I will say this that this film is worth watching but only if can tolerate the “Astro Boy” style of animation. The story is mildly interesting however, so you might get bored. The music, like I said before, is very awesome and fans of the old stuff will like it. I really think this film was hyped up a bit too much, but at the same time I can say I enjoyed the time I watched it.

By Cherubim

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