Miyuki-chan in Wonderland

Artist: CLAMP
Genre: Yuri, comedy.(thats lesbian themed comedy)
Full of?: Woman, and all kinds of amusing shorts(as in tales not the clothes). Come to think of it i dont think there are ANY men in the manga.
What not to like?: Not so heavy with lesbianism that they hit you in the face with breasts and double sided “pleasure” toys, but pretty blatant nonetheless.(again this is the japanese version, im seriously unsure of how the english version stacks up and im very curious to see it at all really)

Miyuki is your average girl, with one problem. She seems to be constantl avoiding the hit ons and attractions of others. Mostly females. It doesn’t help that she finds herself in the strangest situations.

Again this is a collection of short storys, like Shirahime, but more comedy themed. The first story is of course her trip through Wonder-land, where the manga gets its name from. Here Miyuki has to deal with a lustful(and hot) centipede, a bustuous madhatter, a queen and all the other funs of the land of wonder as it were. Did i mention everyone is female, and everyone is trying to get Miyuki? She somehow always just manages to avoid most situations however, leading to mostly comedic action and no *ahem* other forms of action.

The manga doesn’t end with just her trip in Wonderland. Oh no, Miyuki find’s trouble wherever she goes, including m personal favorite, a game of Mah-johng. It quickly escalates into “strip mah-johng” and she competes with some rather odd females for the right to keep her clothes(and her heterosexuality, lol). This could almost the called the tales of the Lesbian that never was, but its fine as is. Pretty funny, but dont pick it up expecting some cutesy or funny manga. This is pretty sexual charged, but amusing on an adult level nonethe-less.

The manga has your typical CLAMP goodness(they draw such hot females…maybe thats why their men always look so womanly…) and if you look close you may see “cameos” of characters or look-alikes throughout the adventures of pseudo-lesbianism.


Miyuki-chan: Your typical blonde haired schoolgirl. With the odd abilty to be COMPLETELY clueless at times, and a penchant for drawing upon some strange lesbian adventures. She sorta got shafted in that department. While others find themselves in adventures across say time, space…she finds herself in adventures with her sexuality…No wait, maybe she didnt get the bad schtick afterall.

Others: A slew of amusing characters, new and old. You wouldnt think the Centipede could be so hot, but you would be very wrong.

Similar tastes:
CLAMP in general, very much CLAMP school detectives *yataa* or Magic Knight Rayearth. (i believe both were going on at the time)

Where can i get it?: Licensed actually…So you can get it where you buy your manga. I still am so utterly amused that they brought this over here. But i have had to warn people off it before, because they thought the art was nice and didnt realize what it was about. Maybe this will help a little.

By Darknight ZO

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