Moon Boy (volume 1)

Moon Boy

Plot Summary
Many years and ages ago there were a race of rabits that lived on the moon in peace and tranquility. However, their peace did not last long. One day the wolves came to the moon and started eating the rabits livers and drinking their blood. The remaining rabits who lived on the “light” side of the moon fled to the earth (they were able to escape because wolves could only live in the dark). However, when the wolves finished eating the rabits on the moon they followed the rabits to earth. The rabits that fled to the earth were given the name Earth Rabit, and the blended in with humans, and resemble humans in every way except for the fact that in a full moon the Earth Rabits eyes turn red.

Now fast forward a couple milinia to present day time and we meet Myung-Ee, an average, although a bit shorter than her other classmates, middle schooler who loves “pretty boys”/bishonen. One day Myung-Ee got into a fight the new kid Yu-Da Lee. Later however she learns that Yu-Da Lee and herself are Earth Rabits being hunted by one of the Foxes that were in disguess that Myung-Me likes. After being saved by another Earth Rabit Myung learns about her ancestry.

Fastforward again, it’s five years later and everyone has pretty much grown up–except for Myung-Ee, who’s just grew up a little. Myung-Ee has transfered to a new school looking to find more bishonen. To Myung-Ee surprise no one remembers anything, not even Yu-Da Lee, who is now hanging out with the popular group in high school. When Myung-Ee goes up asks Yu-Da Lee if he remembers anything from five years ago, he politely says “no” and that he doesn’t even know who she is. Naturally because Yu-Da Lee, Myung-Ee is told to “buzz off” by his fan club, who swears to protect him at all cost. Clearly Myung-Ee realizes that something is wrong, since she’s the only one that remembers what happend between her Yu-Da lee and the wolf. Little does Myung-Ee realize that she’s being watched. One night a wolf, who turns out to be one of the popular kids that Yu-Da Lee hangs out with attacks Myung-Ee; luckily she is once again saved by a mysterious warrior earth rabit. Unfortunetly the wolf gets away, but the warrior tells Myung-Ee what’s going on. It turns out that Yu-Da Lee is a rare black rabit that has the power to restore the power of the wolves’ leader and that Yu-Da Lee is being guarded by the wolves until he matures and his liver is ready to be eaten. The wolves made everyone forget what had happend five years ago and implanted Yu-Da Lee with a false reality. Myung doesn’t know what to do, but she can’t let Yu-Da Lee become food for the wolves.

Art Commentary

“Moon Boy” would generally fit into the shojo category, but it touches on many different genres. The artwork is reflective of that. There are some very humours scenes and some very dramatic ones. The mixing between tones and styles makes the read fun and interesting because it’s not all set in one tone. Since the story mainly follows on a serious dramtic theme, like eating Bunnies, switching it over to Myung-Ee’s search for bishonen comedy shojo style is nice. So you’re getting a mixed bag, in terms of story and in terms of art.


Well the first thing that caught my eye about Moon Boy was the cover art. Very, very, pretty! I started ready the first couple of pages and put it down for a month or so; after the first couple of pages I had begun to feel as if Moon Boy would turn out to be other typical shojo manga, the ones that usually bore me to death. However, one day I had nothing to do so I decided I’d finish ready the manga and put it in the “Done” pile. After reading the entire book I realized I was wrong for judging a book by it’s cover and the first 10-15 pages. I discovered a lot as I read through the first volume, and saw some very pretty bishonen might I add. I have to say though, the story is pretty far fetched and bizarre and cute all in the same, but it passes. The mix of shojo themes and shonen action and vice versa really makes the read exciting because you never know how it will be when you turn the page. Like many shojo stories there is a romance, or the potential for one, and maybe even a shonen-ai romance, but there is also blood, fighting, and scary wolves; so you get the best of both worlds. Complement that with stunning artwork and you’ve got this manga pretty much summed up. I really do want to read volume because volume one left you on one pretty big cliff-hanger between the wolves and Yu-Da Lee. Anyway I won’t spoil it any more.

Overal Score

By Cherubim

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