Mountain Lion on an older Mac


If you’re still stuck on Lion because your Mac isn’t compatible with Mountain Lion you might want to take a look at this project where people have created an app called MLPostFactor. It allows you to install Mountain Lion on pretty much any Mac that can run Lion. It’s still beta software and you have to know what you’re doing (which goes for most things in life) but it looks good, might have to give it a try on our old white iMac.

Mountain Lion sneak peek

Out of nowhere Apple has posted a sneak peek at the next version of their operating system, dubbed Mountain Lion.
For those who have been following the development over the years there aren’t any real surprises, it’s just a very well orchestrated part of the whole master plan. I love iCloud and this is very much bringing all the pieces of the puzzle together in a way only Apple can. iCloud isn’t some hard drive in the sky, it’s an invisible (mostly) and yet integral part of the whole Mac experience. So now the Mac gets Messages, Reminders, Notes & Game Center apps working just the way they do on your iPhone and iPad and syncing through the cloud. A notification center that looks yummy and means I can do away with Growl. AirPlay Mirroring for those of us with big screen tv’s to watch our movies and stuff on.
One announcement that made me chuckle is Gatekeeper. I didn’t see that one coming but it’s a stroke of genius. How to permanently shut up all the idiots who think any day now OSX will get hacked and flooded with viruses? Simple, give the OS a setting that only AppStore approved software can be installed and run, no matter where you downloaded it from. 1-0 for Apple.

So yeah, looking forward to it, no word yet on pricing but I’m guessing another $29.95 release. Or they could give it away for free being the new overlords of the world. Oh, and Mountain Lion is coming this summer. Keep blurring the line Apple.

Speaking of which, I so hope Apple would start their own cel network. They’d pwn.

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