Movie critics

Movie critics ought to be drug out into the street, and shot in public. In the face.
I mean, what’s their point? Do we really need ‘professional journalists’ to tell us if a movie is worth seeing? Don’t we have an opinion and a way to voice it these days?
So people get paid to review movies. Sounds like a sweet cushy job to me. And yet somehow it isn’t, given some of the bitter, unbalanced or even downright stupid remarks some of these critics make.
It’s one of the reasons I loathe Rotten Tomatoes with a passion.

Let’s take the Tron Legacy review as an example. It got a rating of 50%, which is pretty bad by itself. But some of the comments by the ‘Top Critics’… /facepalm.

Yes, because a guy looking for his long lost dad doesn’t add a human touch. Because a dad, sacrificing himself for his son doesn’t add a human touch. Because people fighting for what they think is right doesn’t add a human touch.

The same thing I said above could be said here, but in addition he also manages to diss the original Tron while he’s at it, a cult classics among geeks. And no people, only liking Big Bang Theory does not make you a geek.

This one, working for USA Today, really takes the cake and was my main reason for writing this post. I cannot recall someone talking so much crap in so few words.
The movie “The Social Network” is a soap series rendition on the starting days of Facebook, loosely based on the story of a disgruntled person who felt screwed over by founder Mark Zuckerberg. It’s fake, it’s lame and the only reason people watched it is because anything associated with Facebook is big at the moment.
It’s not thought provoking in any way, nor does it teach us anything about the virtual realm. It’s gossip celebrity news in movie form.
Tron on the other hand is about the real virtual realm, advances in computer science, artificial intelligence manifesting itself and the possible ramifications that spring from that. It’s Science Fiction as it should be, thought provoking, intelligent and exploring the possible future.

Humanity, I pity thee. And to think these people actually make money writing this kind of crap.

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