Martian Successor Nadesico

Martian Successor Nadesico
Genre: Mecha/Action/reunion
Length: 87 minutes, just shy of a hour and a half

Plot = B-
Characters = A
Music = C+(i honestly cant recall it being memorable at all)
Overall = B-

General Outlook:
The movie picks up sort of where the series left off, and about 3 or 4 years later. Ruri is now the captain of the Nadesico B, sent to look at some new attacks on Colonys, which seem to be done by Boson-Jump capable mecha. In a much smaller fashion. In the course of the action and humor, secret documents are revealed and discovered, and a new uprising utilizing the new boson jumping ability arises. Calling themselves(oh the ironic humor) the New Martian Succesors(haha), they quickly take control of a few key points and work to break down the key to the ruins and the bosn jumping, to their own advantage. Thus Ruri is called in again by the wonderful Nergal organization to select a new(*cough cough reunion cough*) crew for a new Nadesico to be launched to stop them. So essentially you get the rest of the movie filled with fanservice, and reunion fun galore. It is highly enjoyable for fans of the series, especially seeing what happened to some of your favorite characters. Of course after that its all down hill, the entire “climax” ending up into like a short and kinda…annoying detail. Not only is there a zillion things left unsaid or filled in, but the final cool battle showdown is cut short. It seems like they were making the movie, doing quite well…and then somebody came in and told them that the movie is needed by tomorrow, so they rushed it. Dissapointing, but its damn fun fanservice to lovers of the series.
Bottom line is, if you loved the series, im sure youll enjoy this romp into the universe of Nadesico, and the open ended way which implys more movies. If your not a big fan…dont bother. Really nothing here to hold your interest then, not too mention you wont understand anything happening.

Kinda…blah. A few old series tunes, a few remixes, but then a heck of a lot of blah. Nothing memorable. Im sure it fits, but i just cant recall any of it sticking out.
Pure fan service. Although the “surprise” character show ups are amusing.
A lot of people are gone or changed, the movie definately darker than the series. Time has passed and people are dead, and others RADICALLY different. A few new characters for humor, nothing more. Look at this like the reunion episode of MASH just without the cool, lol.

My Thoughts(and spoilers):
I was oddly dissapointed overall. Too short, too rushed.
Its saving grace was humour, and the TONS of fan service. Fans of the series will like it, but then again you kinda have to. I absolutely loved how Akito turned into a badass.

By Darknight ZO

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