Najica Blitz Tactics volume 1

Story and Art – Takura Tashiro
Creator – Studio Fantasia, AFW / Najica Project
Japanese Publisher – Media Factory, Inc
Serialised In – Young King Ours
English Publisher – ADV
Released Date – 08/2004
Format – Right to Left
First Volume ISBN – 1-4139-0018-6
Genre – Action
Age Rating – Older Teens

In the not so distant future 17% of the earths landmass is sunken into the ocean after a series of devastating earthquakes… why this necessitates the wearing of miniscule miniskirts and white cotton panties however is anyone’s guess.

Najica Blitz tactics has been described as an anime “Bond in a short skirt”; personally I think this is rather cliché. Najica can better be described as a heady mix of Noir, agent Aika and cowboy bebop, and this title is the manga adaptation of said Anime.

As for plot Najica is a skilled perfumer for CRI cosmetics but in reality is actually a special operative for the secret intelligence organization behind CRI. With her Humaritt partner Lila in tow she embarks on missions around the world fighting evil doers.

As you’d hope the Najica manga doesn’t run parallel to the anime and therefore isn’t simply a rehash, it expands the story with whole new missions, characters and scenarios. As you’d expect it’s still as heavy in the fan service department as it ever was, perhaps even more so than the anime, Najica’s bust size is knocked up a few notches and there is a mission where she and Lila dress as bunny girls to infiltrate a casino belonging a company bootlegging CRI cosmetics on the black market.

Despite all these pros I cannot help but feel a little disappointed with the first volume, though I must clarify that this is just a first volume review. While I do not feel bitterly disappointed and saddened at what the Najica manga could have been there seems to be something missing overall.

Najica is an entertaining enough read, it’s high impact, high action, panty crammed mix of action and subtle comedy is well done and presented, but overall it misses that unquantifiable quality that the anime enjoyed, however I am still hopeful that the series will reclaim the sparkle of the anime.


Najica – As one of the world’s top perfume designers, Najica Hiiragi works with her trusty assistant Kirala to develop the Day Series perfumes for CRI Cosmetics. When not jet-setting around the world, Najica tools around neo-Tokyo in a bright red convertible. Men love her. Women want to be her. But Najica has another job, one that few ever see: Secret agent for the CRI intelligence organization.

A regular James Bond in heels, Najica carries out her missions with the same professionalism that makes her an idol for her co-workers and the bane of her rivals. She is a perfectionist in everything she does, and is known for her extreme sense of confidence. She hates having anyone following her around, trying to keep up with her; thus, her reluctance to accept Lila as a partner.

Najica’s weapon of choice is a Soviet-made Stechkin APS. With its 20-round magazine, and unique wooden holster than can be attached as a buttstock, this 50-year-old piece serves Najica well on her missions. It’s also capable of firing plastic bullets, which lessen the chance of anyone being killed or seriously injured during Najica’s confrontations.

Lila – The lovely Lila is a Humaritt, a man-made human being that is almost indistinguishable from the real thing, which was developed by the Shinba Industrial Corporation with the codename of ZZZ (Pronounced “Triple Zet”). After initially being abducted by the wayward wife of a millionaire, through mafia connections, Lila was eventually rescued by Najica before she had the misfortune of ending up as the mischievous Madame’s personal plaything. To Najica’s displeasure and dismay, the untested Lila is assigned to serve as Najica’s new partner on all future CRI intelligence operations.

Having little knowledge of the world around her, Lila is much like a newborn infant in that her lack of life experience tends to produce some aggravating situations for Najica to cope with. Lila’s saving grace is her skill in battle. It was Lila’s talent for carrying out secret missions that finally led to Najica accepting her as a capable partner and roommate, despite her unusual bathing habits.

Lila is quite adept at using as many weapons and vehicles as are required to finish her mission. From handguns to heavy machineguns, she can usually pick up anything found in the local environment and use it with amazing accuracy. However, her downfall in this area lies in strategy, as she is sometimes prone to being a little too direct in such

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