Onegai Teacher volume 1

Author: Please!
Art: Shizuru Hayashiya
Publisher: ComicsOne
Released: January 2003
Volumes: 2
Genre: Sci-Fi / Comedy
Based on the 13 episode anime published in 2002 by Bandai Entertainment.

Based on First Volume

What’s a boy to do when he discovers his hot new teacher is really an alien from outer space? Well, he marries her of course.

When rumours start spreading that UFOs have been spotted throughout the city, Kei Kusanagi goes on a UFO hunt and finds out his new sexy teacher, Mizuho Kazami, happens to be an alien sent to collect information on the human race, and better yet she just happens to be his new neighbour too. In a mix up of circumstances Kei and Mizuho end up caught in many compromising situations and it leads to suspicions about what is going on between the two of them. When the school principal confronts the two, a marriage between them is implied. So, to keep up with the lie and to save Mizuho’s job, the two end up married. However, the principal wants this hidden from the rest of the school.

Right off the bat I was taken with Mizuho’s character (I admit her character is what drew me to the series). She’s a beautiful, seductive looking woman and innocent in the fact that she only knows what she has been taught when it comes to things like how to act around men. Her manual tells her that all men are weak against a sexy woman and she thinks that by seducing Kei he will be in her control but Kei isn’t one to be controlled so easily.

The volume starts into the progress of feelings between Kei and Mizuho. They are really not much more than strangers with each other and yet Kei finds himself attracted to his teacher and Mizuho can’t help but feel jealous when Kei hangs out with his female schoolmates. There is a funny sequence where Mizuho dresses in camouflage and sneaks around peeking on her husband while he is doing what any normal teenage boy would do. He goes to the movies with a girl; of course it doesn’t help matters that this girl has a hidden crush on Kei either and some how Mizuho picks up on that fact.

Overall, I found the “what would happen if I really got to marry my hot teacher” story a bit funny in how the two act about the situation, but the alien twist didn’t seem to be very interesting to me. Perhaps, it may play a bigger part in the story line in the future but for now the only thing to come out of that sub plot is Mizuho’s little sister who comes to check up on her and, in my opinion, is a very annoying character. I think the story line has a good possibility to go somewhere and I truly hope it does because I’d hate to see such cute characters go to a nowhere story.

I did have one huge dislike with this manga release and it did kind of ruin my whole read. The manga is released in the “true manga format” meaning it reads right to left. However, the dialog in some of the frames are printed vertically and I anticipated reading the vertical dialog from right to left but it was printed the opposite way like a Western book would be. Perhaps it’s just me but when I know I’m reading manga in “true format” my eyes automatically start reading everything right to left; whether it’s the page, the dialog bubbles or the dialog in the bubbles. With the vertical frames being published left to right it threw me off a little and I had to re-read small areas as to un-confuse myself.

I’d say Onegai Teacher is worth the purchase based on the strong character design and artwork and the storyline does have some funny moments. I can’t say I highly recommend it but I’ll still read the next one just to see where it eventually goes.

By Raven

Onegai Teacher!

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