Only the Ring Finger knows

Written by: Satoru Kannagi (Original Novel), Hotoru Odagiri (Manga)
Published: DMP (Digital Manga Publishing)
Release Date: August 2004
Genre: Shonen-ai, Romance.

Wataru Fujii, a junior in high school, is depressed the girl of his dreams just dumped him for some senior in school. He’s mad as Hell; his girlfriend said that she was in love with the school dream boy, Yuichi Kazuki, who seems to be adored by everyone except Wataru, who hates him for stealing his girl.

Wataru was so in love, with Mai Tachibana, that he bought a ring for him and his girlfriend. It’s an urban legend at Wataru’s High School that if two people are wearing the same rings they are destined to be soul mates. Wataru had hoped that Mai and he would have the same rings.

Wataru’s friend carefully explains that he doesn’t stand a chance a guy like Kazuki. Kazuki is perfect, good grades, handsome, tall, everything High School girls (and some High School boys) dream about. Even though Yuichi has never accepted any of the girls request to be their cuddle bear; he has always let them down gently which only seems to add to his appeal. Wataru is a fish out of water compared to Yuichi.

While everyone at school just drools whenever Yuichi passes, Wataru can’t stand him–after all he did take his girlfriend away. So what do you think would happen when Wataru realizes he and Yuichi wear the same ring?

Well cupid was on a coffee break when this happened. Yuichi seems to treat every one pretty nicely, except Wataru who he treats like hell. Wataru can’t see why anyone would fall for this guy, but he can’t get Wataru out of his mind. Could this be love? Oh, you bet your wet socks it is!

Follow Wataru through twist, turns and confrontations as he drawn closer to the man he can’t help but hate, yet love. Watch Yuichi the boy who never seems to show emotion, but is still able to make girls melt in his sight, show his true feelings for Wataru; and why it’s only the Ring Finger knows the truth.

I wanted to cry tears of joy when I reached the end of this book. I’ve never seen a more beautiful take on love. Awww. It’s so good. The story is so addictive and as it progresses you’ll find yourself wanting to skip a few pages just to get to the end, but DON’T. If you love a romance novel, regardless if it’s shonen-ai or not pick this manga up. This is a manga for all those tear jerkers that can’t help but love a love story. The title is what originally caught my eye, and although the cover looks like some kind of master-slave thing it isn’t. Just–and I mean nothing nasty–a love story. There are some funny insertions as well which helps balance out those intense confrontations. The final few pages are so intense because everything comes full circle and Yuichi true feelings finally make their debut. I can’t help but love this story, and if you’re looking for a love story like I was pick this up right away.

When you finish reading this manga you’ll be left with tears in your eyes.


By Cherubim

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