OS X: Snow Leopard

There’s hope for them yet.
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Leopard Server

OS X Leopard server

Here’s a nice article about the server version of Apple’s Os X Leopard, which for some reason is horribly ignored in the media. Maybe it’s a fine example of what’s wrong with Apple, the fanboys are too busy jerking off over the latest iPhone widget or photos of what might be the latest iPod, instead of checking out what, in my opinion, is the most interesting thing Apple has to offer; a user friendly, virtually idiot proof UNIX server operating system that’s up and running in a few mouseclicks and is a dream (supposedly) to manage. And when I read this it sure does sound yummy. The best open source packages, integrated by Apple and managed with a luvly admin GUI instead of having to spend days in man pages editing conf files and getting scripts to talk to eachother. Anyone who ever tried manually assembling a proper ‘nix mail server knows what a pain in the ass that is. Not to mention what a time sink. So yay for Apple. More articles/reviews like this please!

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