Outlaw Star

This is a rather old series, but one of my favorites. Most CN fans—although you don’t want to admit it—should remember.

Alternative Title: Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star
Director: Mitsuru Hongo
Original creator: Takehiko Ito
Storyboard: Gen Dojyaga
Character Design: Takuya Saito
Art director: Toshihisa Koyama
First Aired: Jan/15/2001
Genre: Action/Sci-fi
Episodes: 26
Age: 14+

Additional Notes: N/A

Series Review:
Gene Starwind and his partner Jim Hawking—not like that you pervert—run a tiny little business that’s going no where: Starwind and Hawking Enterprises. One day a woman named Hilda hires them for what they think to be a simple bodyguard job. Were they wrong! Hilda owed some money, and was planning on steeling a ship in order to make the payments. This ship however wasn’t any ordinary ship, it was the XGP15A-2: a ship created specifically made to find the Galactic Leyline: an object left by a super intelligent race before their destruction, it holds the power to grant absolute power to those that reach it. Of course the Leyline isn’t just right where everyone can see; you’ve got to some effort into it, that’s the job of the XGP15A-2. Unfortunately for Gene and Jim—*haha* that sounds funny Gene and Jim—things don’t go as easy as they thought it would. Hilda dies to save Gene—some bodyguards they turned out to be—and Gene is left with the ship and the mysterious android Milfina. From that moment on Gene’s life would never be the same.

Gene renames the XGP15A-2 the Outlaw Star, Gene being an Outlaw the name seemed to fit. The Kei Pirates that built the XGP aren’t going to take what happened sitting down; Gene becomes target #1 on their list. Gene now has to figure what to do with a new ship, a mysterious girl and a bounty on his head, this once failure of a business man has his hands full.

Gene and Crew:
Now with a new ship, Gene’s going need supplies. For that he goes to his rich—arrogant—friend Fred Lou. Fred however, too has a bounty on his head and it’s to be carried out by the deadly Twilight Suzuka. Lou promises to stock up the Outlaw Star if Gene handles his little problem. Of course Gene delivers and Fred can sleep easily until he needs Gene’s help again or vice versa. Suzuka is so impressed with Gene fighting skills she decides to join Gene’s merry bunch of fellows. Of course without Gene’s permission.
The Cartl-Cartls (a cat humanoid species) are one of the many groups in search of the Leyline. They send one of their strongest—and frankly childish—ambassadors on a mission to find the Leyline for the empire: Aisha Clan-Clan. One encounter with Gene and Aisha loses her status as an ambassador, and after a bunch of failed attempts she decides to tag a long with Gene since their going the same place.
Well it seems Gene involuntarily has himself a crew; however, that still won’t make this journey any easier—especially with the diverse group of crazies that he has.

The Outlaw Star and Milfina is wanted property of Kei Pirates and they are ready to do anything to get it back. Gene and crew find themselves cutting hairs with the Kei Pirate often and very close too. Throughout their adventures in the galaxy the crew of the Outlaw Star comes across interesting characters from psychotic wardens to evil manipulating cactuses. O_O “manipulating cactuses!”
Gene is out on a mission to fulfill the objective of XGP and uncover the mysterious past of Melfina. What has Gene gotten himself into?

Gene Starwind:
The qualities that come to mind when trying to describe Gene Starwind are optimistic and cool Cool . When he was smaller his father was killed by space pirates, since then Gene has had a hatred of all pirates and seeks revenge on the pirates that killed his father. Even with that horrible memory of space in his mind Gene still dreams of one day traveling the galaxy in a ship of his own. “Receiving” the XGP seems to be an answer to Gene’s dreams. Will he be able to handle it? Gene is blessed with a kind heart, charismatic attitude and great fighting skills; maybe he will be able to do it.

James Hawking (Nickname: Jim):
If Gene is optimism and calm Jim is the opposite. The 11 year old prodigy is Gene’s partner and frankly the rational side to Gene’s crazy ways. Jim isn’t related Gene, but they do act like brothers. Jim is much more cautious about the things he does, and sometimes thinks Gene needs to sedate himself. James is believed to be an orphan, so he looks up to Gene and Melfina as his elders. James doesn’t like fighting or coming close to dying…I think he picked to wrong person to partner up with. lol

Melfina (Melphina):
Melfina is an android specifically created to combine with the XGP and find the Galactic Leyline; however, Melfina doesn’t know or accept that to be her only purpose. That becomes part of the mission figuring out what her purpose is in life, the crew believes if they reach the Leyline they’ll find that answer. Melfina is kind spirited and very innocent. Melfina is like key once connected to the Outlaw Star—she goes into a tube that is filled with a liquid—she becomes part of the Outlaw Star; which gives the Outlaw Star an advantage greater than other ships. Melfina is the only android equipped with the capabilities to find the Galactic Leyline, until Gwen Kahn decides to alter Harry MacDougall giving the capabilities to do the same.

Twilight Suzuka:
A deadly assailant, known for killing her victims at the precise time when she said she would. She was hired to kill Fred Lou, but failed to do so; Gene was able to intervene in time. Since then she decided to tag along with Gene and proves to be a worthy alley more than on one occasion. Suzuka’s parents were killed by one the most dangerous group of pirates in the galaxy: The Aten Seven. She disciplined her self in swordsmanship and became one deadly missionary, undefeatable until she faced Gene.

Aisha Clan-Clan:
Former Ambassador from the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire; Aisha is strong despite her soft out look, but she has the attitude to match that strength. Despite the fact that her empire removed her status and practically forgot about her, she is still determined to reach the Leyline for them. Aisha isn’t really team player; she admits that she is just using the Outlaw Star as transportation. You don’t want piss this Ctarl-Ctarl off, you might not live to say sorry, although she will do with a pretty face. ^^

Fred Lou:
This guy is the financial backing and indirectly supplier to the Outlaw Star. Fred doesn’t give to charities and usually makes Gene do something in return. Since Gene needs Fred to keep the ship running, he often finds himself acting like Fred’s little pet. Fred Lou isn’t exactly the tough guy you would expect a man that deals wit weapons to be. Fred is more of the “I’ll give you the money to fight my battle for me” kind of guy. Gene always gets uneasy when he has to call Fred for money. “What will Fred have Gene do now?”

Gilliam II:
Although he’s just a machine this little guy is quite proud of what he can do. Being the CPU to the most advanced ship in the galaxy he should be. Gilliam uses tiny little bots to carry minor problems or functions within the ship. Gilliam becomes more than part of the ship and actually builds a relationship within the rest of the team.

Harry MacDougall:
An android just like Melfina; Harry lives life on the edge. He tries to get Melfina to come with him and leave the rest her present on their own. Melfina doesn’t respond to Harry’s advances. Harry becomes obsessed and tries to kill and destroy the crew of the Outlaw Star. Harry and his brother run a missionary business; Harry doesn’t bother with the logistics he leaves that to his brother. Harry is like a kid with magnifier, he just likes to make things catch on fire. Harry was modified by Gwen Kahn to have the ability to spot where the Galactic Leyline is.

Ron MacDougall:
He does the paper work, whereas Harry does the destruction. Despite the fact that the MacDougall brothers aren’t really blood related; Ron creates Harry like a devout elder brother should. The MacDougall brothers becomes one of Gene’s most hated rivals when Gene finds outs that is was one their ships that killed his father. The MacDougall brothers are feared throughout the galaxy, because the have access to some the most deadly weapons in the world. Ron is much calmer and more sophisticated than Harry. Together they form a dead alliance that even Gene had trouble to defeat.

Gwen Kahn:
He is the scientist that created Melfina and the XGP. He only wants to know the secrets of the universe. He follows the Outlaw Star continuously until Gene dumps him off and runs off. Gwen then decides to help Harry MacDougall and his brother. Gwen is really a neutral person; he’s in this for himself and no one else. Gwen has a weird of speaking that’s really freaky, but adds character to him.

Kei Pirates:
These are the bad guys. Feared and hated everywhere. The word Kei Pirates bring fear into people minds, and with good reason; they aren’t to be trusted. They are known for killing with no emotion and forcing people to do their biding. There is supposedly eight leaders in the Kei Pirates organization, one of being Lord Hazanko.
Lord Hazanko the mysterious member of the Kei Pirates has his thugs the Aten Seven do his dirty work. They met their match when they met Gene Starwind; although it wasn’t easy for the Outlaw Start to do. The Aten Seven earned their respect as the deadliest force in the galaxy.

Story 7/9*
Characters 7/9*
Music 9/9
Animation 8/9

*Before you go at me for giving it such a low grade, it’s because I think they could have done better. The characters weren’t as in-dept as you would usually expect from a series with 26 episodes. The story was good, but could have gone deeper; same for the characters.

I’ve heard a lot of criticism from people saying that Outlaw Star is just a pathetic attempt to copy Cowboy Bebop, I would disagree. Outlaw Star may be about people in space but it’s in a different category than that of Cowboy Bebop. Outlaw Star is a bit more comical on a kid level than Bebop. This was definitely one of my favorite animes of all times. It helped advanced my selection of anime, from DBZ to a higher and better plane. Outlaw Star may not be an anime deserving of those that know all about anime, but if certainly a good anime to watch. The story may need a bit of patching up, but it certainly isn’t a bad anime to watch. I first saw this on Cartoon Network, back in the day when CN was taking a big chance showing an anime where you died and couldn’t come back from a wish granted by a dragon. Outlaw Star is an anime I definitely enjoyed watching and would recommend it to anyone. The music is exceptional, and won’t let you down. The animation was ahead of it’s time when it was showed on CN. Basically if you’re new to anime and want to elevate yourself, this is a good anime to start with.

By Cherubim

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