Perfect Blue

Name: Perfect Blue
Genre: Thriller, Mystery
Length: 80+ minutes

Plot = A
Characters = A
Music = A
Overall = A+

General Outlook:
When your life falls apart, when everything doesn’t make any sense and you don’t know who you are…who can you trust? In this thriller masterpiece, we see what happens when your life unravels and your at the center of a series of Murders. From Pop Singer, to Soap Opera star, to murdress where do you draw the line at reality and illusion. Propelled from self-delusions and wants, Mima finds out just what its like when you cant live with yourself…

Thrilling, and catchy. Especially the hit song, that gives our Popstar her fame. Moody melodys to carry the drama. Well rounded to finish out the rest of the films performance.

Mima Kirigoe is a well received Pop idol, who wishes to move to a new career as an actress. Her small simple world changes dramatically, and she finds herself losing her mind. A crazed stalker who seems to know every aspect of her life. A wellmeaning manager who trys so hard to do whats right for Mima. And Mima herself, or some twisted twin of herself, all come into focus at the center of it all. Is the mirror image twin she sees of herself really real? Is the Mima the pop idol really going to beat out Mima the actress?

Young Mima wants to be a actress, but she finds that leaving her old life behind has some serious consequences. Murders all around her, is she responsible somehow? If there is a list of anime films, series you need to convince someone that it isn’t just cartoons, this definitely needs to be at the top. On par with masterpieces like Vertigo, and other Hitchcock works, this is a dramatic thriller that delivers on every level. Will keep you strung along till the end. Perfect Blue is in a word, Perfect. It doesn’t have magic powers, it doesn’t have Giant Robots. It just has a powerful grip. A young woman’s maddening illusions and self-deludements, and another’s sick twisted views. How reality can distort around one figure. This is a piece of work that needs to be in every anime fans collection.

My thoughts and Spoilers:
What can I say but great stuff. If you have parents, or siblings who still don’t take Anime seriously as a cultural medium then rent this or buy it now. This isn’t a family film by any means(unless your family is into violence and sex), but for adult tastes and adult themes. A great eye for detail, realism and unreal. This film shines in every respect. If you havnt seen this, pick it up now, if you have seen this get some friends together and watch it again.

By Darknight ZO

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