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Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald

Game Title(s): Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire, Pokemon Emerald
Date Launched: 03/18/2003 (Ruby and Sapphire USA), 04/30/2005 (Emerald USA). Who knowns when it will reach Europe. LOL
No. of Player: 1
Console: Game Boy Advance
Difficulty: Easy
Extras: Fire Red/Leaf Green and a few Nintendo Events you have to go to, to get everything
Genre: RPG
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Rating: MA…I’m just joking with ya…it’s general. Although wouldn’t it be hilarious if it was rated MA. My God! Would that mean we would actually get to see how two Jiggypuffs make out and have a Iggypuff. LMAO I’m so messed up.

Game Play
Known as the third generation of the Pokemon franchise, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald take Pokemon to a new level. Although as most fans have realized each new installement is an improvement on it’s own, R/S/E take not one but three steps forward–three was the first number to pop into by head by the way. Players now get to use their pokemon outside of the battle arina and show them off in a variety of ways. The actual game play hasn’t changed much although the introduction of 2-on-2 battles is a dream come true for most trainsers (this feature is even enchanced even more in Emerald). Trainers now get to enter their pokemon into a variety of contest such as beauty, smarts, and overall cuteness. Trainers who are egar to do it all might now find themselves with too much to do. With contests, gym battles, trofies, and serveral mysteries to unlock this could take you while. R/S/E have basically cut themselves off from the priovious generations and set out to create a new legion of pokemon (this might have work out so well since the creation of Fire Red and Leaf Green was rushed most likely to quite angry Americans boys and girls who couldn’t stand the fact that they couldn’t catch a charazard in the game).

Very Pokemon game is judge on this: how are the graphics in this better than the one before. R/S/E is certainly a step in the right direction, the pixels are much smaller meaning better quality of the pokemon sprites. However, it isn’t the pokemon new sprites that got fans talking it’s the new region: Honen, with actually wheather (rain, sand storm, extra sunlight) Honen is more realistic–well some what more they removed day and night, due to complaints that you couldn’t see well in night and that it be of much purpose in this installment–than any pokemon game before it. With wheater changes as you move from town to town, you get a better feel of playing in a real world–which might interfer with your social (if you had one). The battles themsleves took an upgrade also, pokemon moves look a bit more reasonable this time, although they still have that annoy “tackle” move that never actuals hit the pokemon. Overall the graphics are well done and truly worth an appluase for the person that did.

Pokemon has never been known for it’s story value, but R/S/E is ok (the +5). They got rid of Rocket and replaced it with Team Magna or Team Aqua or Both (who, if you have been watching the anime, is just an outer branch of Team Rocket created by Geovanni to conduct his mission in Honen–just a little FYI); depending on the game you have. As usually they are the ones that drive the story in this, but this time they aren’t as centralized as Rocket. You’ll be fighting Team Magna/Aqua all over Honen and even till the very end until you capture whatever pokemon is on the cover of the box. After that you are basically on your own. You can solves mysteries, take you pokemon into contest, capture the 151 pokemon (or 378 with Fire Red and Leaf Green) you can create your own story. Yay!

Sounds & Music
Typical Pokemon maybe a little more engetic this time, especially in important battles. If you’ve never played pokemon before (Home-schooled) the music isn’t great but it ain’t all bad.

This is where Pokemon games shines! When you defeat the Elite Four and see the end titles it really isn’t the ending but merely the beginning you still have a lot to do. There are berries to collect, contests to win, rare pokemon to catch, the battle tower (which has improved) to complete, and of course all 378 pokemon to catch–you’ve got you hands full.

A good game definetly one of the RPG staples in all of the gaming world, probably up there with Fire Emblem and Legend of Zelda. It’s reall easy to beat the gyms are pretty easy to beat since most of the time you’ll be able to capture a pokemon who has a great advantage to that gym leader’s pokemon before you battle them. There is a lot to do to keep you busy, although it isn’t exactly mandatory to do, you might actually just get bored and forget about doing unless you are really into it. It’s good game to pick up if you’ve got to time to do it all.

By Cherubim

Pokémon Fire Red & Leaf Green

Game Title: Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Leaf Green
Console: Gameboy Advance
No. of Players: 1
Extras: Pokebox (Gamecube), Pokemon Leaf Green (GBA), Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald (GBA), Pokemon Colloseum (Gamecube), and the already known soon to be released Diamond and Pearl.
Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Genre: RPG/Adventure
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Age: Everyone

Welcome back to the land of Kanto. Not much has changed since we were last here almost a decade ago. You’re a young trainer and you’re ready to take on anything, you’ll fight gyms leaders and capture rare pokemon and become a pokemon master. You’ll experiance (few) new things that weren’t there when we first conquered the land of Kanto, like the Sevii Islands and a new more powerful Elite Four. You’ll have to become a champion all over again in the region where it all started, so get those pokeballs ready. Look if you haven’t heard of pokemon yet I really don’t know where to start! I would literally have to start from the beginning. You play as a trainer and will take on gyms throughout Kanto to reach the Indigo Platue and face the strongest trainers in all of Kanto (and with Loreili Dewgong’s–her first pokemon–being the same evil of Lance’s Dragonite in Johto and the Salamance in Honen, the Kanto’s Elite Four might be the strongest in all of the regions). But along your way to Indigo you’ll have to stop Team Rocket (ah memories!) from completing their evil plans. So your hands are going to filled. The few additions that were made wasn’t enough to see why coming back to the exact place 10 years later was exactly what trainers wanted, while we’ll all agree that the story line in Kanto in Gold/Silver/Crystal was a damn shame they couldn’t changed it up a bit for this.

Pretty the same thing we’re all accustomed to by now. No new features added still simple but the simple-ness of pokemon is what makes it cool. You’ll have to play as a character name of your choice and you’ll progress in a story of a small town boy or girl (finally) that makes it to the top. You’ll have to enteract with other characters o progress the story. You’ll also have to battle gyms, which will unlock the Elite Four to challenge. You’ll have to catch other poket monsters to aid in you quest and build a team to challenge other poket monsters trainers and what not. Where as in the orginal games: Red/Blue/Yellow, where once you defeated the Elite Four you were basically done with game, Leaf Green and Fire Red have added a few things to keep you busy. With the ability to trade pokemon over from your Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald game you’ll be able to bring you team from one region to another.

Not too much difference in terms of graphics compared to Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. A few of the pokemon received a bit of an upgrade, and to a certain extent the color looks a bit better. Overall there isn’t much improvement in this game but you certainly will like the clean smooth look to everything.

It’s your typical Pokemon background music: “da dum da dum da dum” (the music when you’re fighting a Elite Four member), it’s very cheerful and perfect background music for the game.

Ah this is pokemon’s greatest attribute, the fact that the game only starts to get interesting when you defeat the Elite Four. While compleating the Regional Pokedex might be a handful–152 pokemon shattered around the region can take some time to capture–but true pokemon master *goes into geek mode* goes after the mighty 378 mark. That will be a challendge and will require you to spend a lot money at your video game store. And then you’ll still have loads of sidequest and items to get and berries to pick, the fun never ends–ok maybe like after 3 months–with pokemon.

I’m very mixed about this game. I liked the fact that you were able to head back to the place where it all began but the fact that they kept everything the same was kind of a let down. They really could have added some new times to Kanto, changed the story for a bit, changed the gym leaders. Basically the only thing that was added was the Sevii Islands, and while they were certainly entertaining to play, they islands were small and after you ‘completed’ the island’s objective they were pretty much useless.
Kanto is still packing the same punch for being the toughfest of all the pokemon regions. Probably one of the best things to this game is teh Elite Four, eventhough your pokemon can be on Lvl. 100 it would still be foolish to enter the League with a few full restores. What’s even more awesome is that the Elite Four will actually be part of the storyline of the Sevii Islands, and you’ll fight the second wave of the Elite Four, who will have even stronger pokemon. But going back was still fun, being able to go into the orginal safari zone, face the original Team Rocket and so much more; the only thing is that it might be too much deja vu for 30 bucks. Pretty much reasons to play this Game are:
1. Re-Collect TMs and HMs for R/S/E
2. Get another ID number (Lottery chances inscrease in R/S/E)
3. Move Tutors (Special characters that teach your pokemon moves they might not have been able to learn else where)
4. New Moves (Some pokemon have been given new moves that they didn’t learn in R/S/E)
5. Catching (few) Johto pokemon that have been shattered around the Sevii Islands
6. Fighting Lance again at his true strength. Razz

By Cherubim

Pokemon: the first movie

Director: Kunihiko Yuyama
Art Director: Katsuyoshi Kanemura
Music Director: Shinji Miyazaki
Released date: October 11, 1999
Released by: Warner Bros.


In a secret Rocket base, Rocket Scientist continue their work on a mysterious project. Recently the came into possesses of a DNA strand from the mysterious pokemon called Mew. Mew is believed to be first pokemon, the pokemon from which all pokemon have derived from. There is no doubt that this is a one of a kind discovery. Rocket Scientist attempt to reconstruct the DNA and create a new and more powerful pokemon. They have been trying for very long and finally their work as produce a sustainable subject. They give this pokemon the name of Mewtwo.
Mewtwo immediately begins to question his existence and his purpose in the world. He decides that he isn’t meant to be a test subject for these scientist. He breaks free and kills all of them and burns down the facility. This is where Mewtwo meets Giovanni.
Giovanni runs Team Rocket but Mewtwo doesn’t know that. Giovanni convinces Mewtwo to go with him, because he will show him what his true purpose and power is. Giovanni sees Mewtwo as an investment into making him even more powerful. Mewtwo agrees to go with Giovanni. Giovanni puts Mewtwo through several test and has him battling over and over. He puts Mewtwo into a suit that limits his psychic powers, so that Giovanni can control him easier. Giovanni even uses Mewtwo in his Gym to defeat trainers without a sweat. Since Mewtwo is a one of a kind pokemon, most trainers don’t know how to battle him. That and his unbelievable amount of psychic energy is too much for most trainers. All the while Mewtwo begins to question whether or not this is destiny. Eventually Mewtwo confronts Giovanni about it. Mewtwo realizes that Giovanni sees him as nothing more than a puppet to do his will. Mewtwo in response unleashes an amazing amount of psychic energy. Freeing himself(?) from Giovanni’s control and fleeing.

Some time later…

Ash, Misty, and Brock and on break from pokemon battles and decides to sit down and enjoy the scenery. Unfortunetly their break doesn’t last long. Ash can’t put down a challenge. Little does he know but his battle is being watched from a far by Mewtwo. Later that day Ash is given an invitation sent by a Pokemon Trainer to attend a very special meeting of talented pokemon trainers. Naturally Ash accepts the invitation. As Ash and company make their way to the docks to board the ship to the island, they are informed by Officer Jenny that due to the storm all trips to the island have been cancelled. Of course any Trainer with a soul sees this as just a challenge they have to surpass. Several trainers get on their pokemon and make their way to the island. Ash, Mist, and Brock hope a ride with some Vikings–who turn out to be Jessie and James. The storm proves to be quite a challenge; however, Ash and his friends make it to the island. Where they are greeted by the Master’s Assistant. They meet up with the other trainers and are all informed that they passed the first test. It seems the storm was a challenge and only the Pokemon Trainers that were strong enough to make it to the island are worthy to battle the Trainer that invited them.

Now things starts to get interested when the Master introduces himself. It turns out Mewtwo is the one who invited everyone to the island. Mewtwo then informs all the trainers of his plan. (Spoiler Alert) He plans to create a storm big enough to wipe out everyone and every thing. And he plans to create clones of all the pokemon on his island and start over a new clones made just of clones. Mewtwo is of course using the same cloning technology that was used to create him. Ironic yes, surprising not really. Mewtwo proceeds to capture all of the Trainers pokemon and send them to the laboratory below. The Trainers fight but seem to be powerless against Mewtwo.

The Trainers then challenge Mewtwo to a battle against his cloned Pokemon. All the trainers lose in a matter of minutes against Mewtwo’s more powerful and enhanced pokemon.

Right before Mewtwo is about to make the final blow Mew shows up. You can imagine Mewtwo’s surprise to see Mew present more less alive. Still Mew’s argument to stop what Mewtwo is going doesn’t change Mewtwo at all. Mewtwo wishes to proves to Mew and all the others that his cloned pokemon, and in the argument meaning himself, are stronger than the non-clones. So he strips them all of their special ability and sends them to battle to the end. Mewtwo then proceeds to battle it out against Mew.

The battle goes on with neither side giving in. Ash decides that this has to stop and that this isn’t the way it’s suppose to be. And he proceeds to put himself right in the middle of the fight. Hoping that he might be able to put an end to the senseless battling.

Main Characters

A man-made pokemon. Mewtwo was created from the DNA of Mew. All Mewtwo wants is to find his purpose, as a clone, in the world. Mewtwo’s power is impressive and equal, if not more so, than Mew’s. Mewtwo’s plan is to wipe out humanity and replace the world with clones. He has the ability to talk telepathically with humans. And took control of Nurse Joy.

A brave Pokemon Trainer from a small town. While Ash might not be as strong as other Trainers he makes up for it in courage and inner strength. Ash tries to get Mewtwo to stop fighting.

One of Ash’s companions. Misty was the gym leader at Cerulean City. She’s one of Ash’s best friends and doesn’t want to see him get hurt.

Another of Ash’s companions. Brock is the first to realize that the missing Nurse Joy looks a lot like the woman on the island. Brock gets distracted by pretty ladies quickly; however, he’ll do anything for his friends.

Nurse Joy
Nurse Joy went missing from the Pokemon Center a while ago. She taken over by Mewtwo’s psychic powers and forced to be his assistant.


Pokemon: The First Movie is still one of my favorite pokemon movies ever. Probably because it was really intense, or at least, more intense that films since. It dealt with some serious issues like science going to far and people being greedy. Also it might be the only pokemon movie where people died–or else it was implied that they died. It was well written and nicely directed. Mewtwo became a character that polarized the audience. Some saw him as a bad guy others saw him as a misunderstood pokemon. And I don’t think we’ve seen that in any pokemon movie since. Also Ash wasting the main character for once.

At it’s debut this movie’s artwork blew my mind away. By today’s standards nothing was really exceptional. The style was really fit for the big screen and really captivated me when I first watched it; however, after it was alright.

Nothing really spectacular here. Definitely an upgrade from the music from the anime series. I looked up some information on this and apparently NSYNC sung a song in the movie. Interesting


Personal Thoughts / Spoilers
You know you’ve watched this or at least was tempted to. It wasn’t bad. There were pokemon battles, nice ones too. It is the more serious of the pokemon movies–of course still appropriate for young viewers.

By Cherubim

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