R2 (Rise R to the second power) Volume 1

Finally finished it after so long; I picked up this manga weeks ago, but only finished today. Last review I wrote took a while in it’s approval stage, let’s hope this one goes a bit faster. ^^

Alternative Title:
What alternative title! It’s one letter and a number you retard. XD
Written By: Maki Hakoda
Publiser: ADV Manga
Release Date: June 22 2004
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure

Additional Notes:

  • Black and White
  • 183 Page Count
  • All ages

First volume review:
Kenta Akagi, your typical delivery boy, is living the normal life. He has made some arrangements with the owner of local pizza shop call the Pulckle Pizza—their motto, “Our Pizza is as cheap as it is delicious”, to repay the money he owes the manager; of course Kenta doesn’t really want to work, so he’s usually just loafing around, until his boss catching him. One day however, Kenta’s world goes upside down.

Kenta has lived his entire live in the city of Lutzhiem, with no knowledge of the world outside the city; he really doesn’t have much interest in the world outside either. Until that one faithful day at the resturant. A smart mouth girl enters the Pulckle Pizza shouting to try out the restuarants best pizza. Kenta easily explains that: first, the resturants is closed; second, all their pizzas are awesome. The girl isn’t impressed. Bossman—who is always interested in making a buck—decides to wipe the best pizza he gotz. However, just before the mysterious loud mouth is about to chow down on the best pizza of her life she is swiped up by another mysterious girl. And the pizza just right there..and stays there…there.

Kenta is left confused, but doesn’t really care. He doesn’t have to pay for the pizza anyway.

Well those girls—that didn’t pay for their pizza—are on a mission to rescue a little girl by the name of Meme. Meme is being held captive by Abel and Quin: two young twins that are working for the evil overlord, in the cathedral in the middle of the city. The backstory is that Meme, who is in a coma like sleep, will awaken and whoever has control of Meme when the last grain on sand passes through the hour glass will when the game, a.k.a have ultimate power. The two mysterious girls are part of the a rebel organization that is trying to stop the the evil have taken over the continet: Palpatine’s Third Special Armored Division; as long as Meme stays sleeping he (the bad guy) can’t take over everything, so keeping her sleeping until they can make certain that they will win is objective numbero uno. What does this have to do with lazy delivery boy named Kenta—after all he is on the cover? Well….

As the mysterious girls set the cathedral on fire as a diversion to sneak in and rescue Meme—set a church on fire as a diversion. o_O Kenta starts to run; he doesn’t know why or can explain why he’s running, but something is drawing him somwhere. Out of no where a portal opens in the sky and Kenta is sucked uped…

At relatively the same time the two mysterious girls come across Abel and Quin, the twins seemed to have planned the whole thing as a way to capture the girls. Just as it’s about to be curtains for our mysterious heroins Kenta slams right in front Meme. Kenta is the one destined to awaken Meme, unfortunetly he doesn’t know that he is. *hehe* After a climatic awaking Meme, Abel and Quin demand that he hands her over, but Kenta doesn’t trust what he calls the onion twins—read it you’ll find out why. ^^ And he doesn’t really like the loud mouth girl and her partner, so he decides to just ditch the party with Meme. Kenta’s simple life as a delivery boy will never be same; he will expierance a world beyond his little peaceful city. He’s in a fight to protect the girl he has awaken; a girl that has the power to change the world, but no body’s telling him what’s going on.

In addtion to the main story there is also a side story between Kenta and Kano: Kano seems to be a older version of Meme, this side story might explain why Kenta is meant to awaken and care for Meme.

Well that’s it for spoilers people, if you want more you’re going to have read it for yourself.

I really liked this manga, it was more kid centered than adult though. Those of you that prefer mature centered stuff might not like it as much, but still give it a try if you extra money flowing. The story flows pretty well. The only place it seems to be missing some points in seriousness, Kenta even has the Yugioh hair-cut—so that should kinda direct you into what audiance ADV Manga is to target with this series. This is a manga for kids, but I think the story is a pretty good one. I’m guessing that their won’t be much character developement for other characters besides Kenta and Meme. I’m going to recommend this manga to the younger folk. So add it to your Christmas before it’s too late. Wink


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