Copyright nuts

Gotta love people that start screaming that their copyright is violated whenever they dump something on the web. Welcome to the internet buddy.

Some people need to think about what they’re doing instead of immediately crying wolf.
Here’s a nice example;
Just because it’s in my RSS feed, doesn’t mean you get to steal it.
Awesome title. Also incorrect. RSS stands for Really Simple SYNDICATION. Meaning you offer your articles for people to subscribe to, to either read them in their browser live bookmarks, their online newsreader, their offline newsreader, or to aggregate news and publish it in their own channel.
Yes this means people also build sites that offer no original content but just syndicate everything from rss feeds and slap a few ads on the side, but that’s your problem, not theirs. Fix your feed, problem solved. There are excerpts for a reason…

I would have commented on their site, except it requires registration, which I loathe.

29 feed subscribers?

So I signed up to FeedBurner last week, Google’s feed statistics and optimization tool, basically because I never got round to it in the past and to see if I had any RSS subscribers. Much to my surprise it says I have an average of 29 subscribers. Say what? I knew there’d probably be one or two because it also counts things like Live Bookmarks, but 29?! So yeah, if you’re one of them; hi. And thanks for subscribing. :)

Free RSS readers by NewsGator

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Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.