Samurai Spirits (OVA)

Merry New year and all that jazz. Its Uncle DZ0 with a fresh batch of reveiws for you kiddies. Though i have suffered through the shadow of the valley of death, i have overcome and bring you some new and old reviews for you enjoyment.

Name: Samurai Spirits OVA(in america you will remember the characters from Samurai Showdown)
Length: 2 half hour episodes, making one single OVA.
Genre: Action, fanservice

Plot = B-
Characters = B-
Music = C
Overall = C+

General Outlook:
I must begin by saying i have always been a Samurai Spirits fan. Well ive always been a SNK fanboy, and this is one of their flagship games. Even so, i was finding certain aspects of this OVA hard to handle. The story is sketchy, if i wasnt a fan of the series i would have been completely confused as to what was going on. The main plot is that Asura the demon has arisen and the warriors have to face him. Main characters make appearances for varying roles as Haomaru, Nakaruru, Rimiruru, Galford, and others all come to deal with this menance. There are others, though this is perhaps the most annoying aspect of the anime. While many other cool characters are left out, the ones that are shown are cast away quickly unless needed. Genjuro for instance. The OVA has some decent action, much fanservice humor, but the ending was kinda annoying. It didnt feel thought out at all.

Cant remember it at all. I do recall the ending being quite nice, very theme orientated with traditional japanese instrutments and such. The rest of the music, may as well not have been there.

Well if your a Samurai Spirits(showdown) fan you will recognize the majorplayers.
Haomaru- A wandering samuarai and bitter rival of Genjuro, never seen far from his Sake. Is spending some time with Nakaruru and her sister at the opening of the OVA.
Nakaruru and Rimiruru- The maidens of the forest, the gaurdians of nature. Cute and innocent Nakaruru has to deal with the lazy Haomaru, and then the evil of Asura.
Asura- The demon swordsman from hell. Unleashed upon the world, he seeks out the strongest swordsman killing them all. Dark and forboding.
Galford, Genjuro and others- Everyone else gets minimal treatmant or reference. I honestly dont even know why Galford is here at all, as he seems to have been merely thrown in just because.

My Thoughts(and spoilers):
I love SNK, i love this series, why couldnt this OVA have been cooler.
The fight between Haomaru and Asura is certainly nice, but the first half of the OVA ends at the WORST spot ever. Also there was apparently a year between the two halves being made.Sucks to have been japanese, i woulda went insane with a wait that long. This is good for fanservice, a lil action, but nothing more. And why the hell did Genjuro die? Im a Haomaru or Ukyo man myself, but Genjuro dying was just odd and out of place.

By Darknight ZO

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