Sensual Phrase volume 1

Author: Mayu Shinjo
Published by: VIZ
Release Date: Feb 2004
Genre: Shojo
Age: Mature Teen

Aine is a ambitious girl that is trying to get her lyrics submitted into a magazine contest. However, on her way to submit the lyrics she nearly gets run over by car. As the driver exist to see if she’s alright Aine is immediately struck by his good looks. The young man happens to be in rush, and after feeling her tighs to see if she’s alright, he gives her a back stage pass and tells her to contact him there if need be. Well, Aine seems to be in good shape after the brush with death; however, it seems the young made off with her lyrics ‘accidentally’.

Aine decides to get back her lyrics from the guy. As she makes her way through the crowd of scoring fans, Aine is stunned to see that the young man she met was the lead singer in the hot band called “Lucifer”. To Aine’s surprise the young man is singing her lyrics, and the crowd is going wild. When he spots and pulls Aine out of the crowd and brings her backstage, Aine is about to lose it. So imagine how she feels when he after he introduces her to the rest fo the band, by the way his name is Sakuya, he asks her to becoming Lucifers new lyricist–not so much asking as stating it as an already known fact.

Aine doesn’t know what to make of it, after all she is just a teenager, and that was her first time trying to write lyrics. Still she can’t get over the fact that Sakuya asked her. However Sakuya manager’s, Koichi Sasaki, tell Aine to forget about it. That Sakuya gets carried away and will eventually forget about her and her lyrics. Aine runs out of the room heart broken, wondering why she ever thought she stood a chance. (Damn you Koichi, for breaking a young girls heart!)
Koichi seems to be the only that thinks so however, the fans love the song and want more of it. But to Sakuya surprise Aine is no where to be found (Damn you Koichi!)

Ever since that night Aine has been obsessed with Lucifer (the band not the person). And well someone has been doing some obsessing of their own too. Out of no where Aine is practically kidnapped. She wakes up in Sakuya’s apartment. Sakuya once again make Aine an offer to become Lucifer’s lyricist; he specifically wants her to write eroctic songs for the band. Aine tells Sakuya that she wouldn’t be able to do that because she’s never been with a man and wouldn’t no where to start. Sakuya explains that it wouldn’t be problem, as he would be willing to teach her. (Ooooooooh) After a good tease Aine is ready to devote herself to the band and her new job, filled with inspiration Aine could write anything. Sakuya isn’t able to stay much longer, he has a photo shoot and stuff, he leaves Aine the entire apartment for her to meditate and come with her lyrics.

All of a sudden Aine life is caught up in a whole lot of drama. Just being around Sakuya gets her in trouble with the other ladies. All of a sudden there are threathrening letters and annoying phones calls. Not to mention the failed assisination attempt on her life by the rival shool girls. Still whenever things look as if they are too much to bare Sakuya is always there to save her.

Aine still wonders how what kind of a relationship she has with Sakuya. Whether or not he truly loves her, or is just using her to get good lyrics for his band. Sakuya is a mysterious person and his intensions are never really known, but still he makes Aine feel so good. It’s still out whether or not this relationship with thrive or fall to waste side, with all their troubles: ranging lunatic fangirls, a manager that is obsessed with breaking them up, and countless more; Aine and Sakuya have their work out of for them

Delicious! A great shojo manga if you’re looking for any. The story is rather complex, as there seems to be a lot to be resolved in later books, but it comes across in a relax manner. While the story’s plot is pretty realistic some of the things that go on is a bit far fetched, but then again this is a romance manga, we shouldn’t be looking for logic here any way. There were a few steamy scenes, no nudity besides Aika breast (which had no effect on me. Odd huh?); it was just cute, very romantic yet it had that hint of erotisim–there was much more of a focus on Sakuya than Aina (which is alright by me). There is a whole lot of drama which helps build up story.
The artwork if overall well done, good amount of detail is payed to the facial features. The story is nice, emotional, dramatic all at once. There is definately room to continue in this, it’s clear to see that this story isn’t over. Overall if you like shojo theme stories with complex relationships and drama, than Sensual Phrase would be a nice read for you. Even if you’re not as fan of shojo this is still a good manga to read.


By Cherubim

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