Sign of the times #3

Going to a workshop ‘applying for jobs’ only to hear all the work coaches and everyone else working there is busy applying to jobs due to massive layoffs as well. Oh sweet irony.

Sign of the times #2

As mentioned in the previous post second hand stores are spreading more and more to the point that now even franchises are sprouting left and right specialized in selling second hand products.
The latest 2 in Heerlen are 4xG and Used Products.
Poverty, now featured on the main shopping streets. Yeah we’re doing good. Maybe for the next year they’ll replace some of the restaurants with soup kitchens.

Sign of the times #1

Noticing a steady increase of shops for second hand goods in all parts of the city, from the poorer areas to the main shopping street.

Food prices

About 6 months ago we switched to a different brand of coffee because our then regular one had gone up in price from about €3.30 to €4.95. The brand we switched to was €1.95. By now it’s crept up to €2.29. And that’s just the coffee. The same thing goes for every single piece of food one buys at the stores here. Inflation much? I’m surprised people aren’t complaining about this more. At this rate even food will become a luxury item sooner or later.

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Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.