Silent Hill 4: The Room

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Silent Hill 4: The Room

No. of players: 1
Console: Playstation 2, X-box, Pc
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Genre: Survival Horror
Age rating: 18 (UK)

Silent Hill 4 is considered by many fans of the game to be a bad title on many accounts. Of course this is the forth in the storyline, and in some parts, pieces links to Silent Hill 2. This has many new ideas and styles of play unlike the previous Silent Hill games.

The graphics of have improved a lot since Silent Hill 3. The characters look a lot more realistic in terms of face, clothes, hair. Your environment looks more freaky when things turn bad (rusty walls and floors). The creatures look a lot more gruesome than they previously did, such as creatures who emerge from a black dripping hole in walls. There are weather conditions such as fog at certain parts of the game.

Mostly there isn’t music, mostly creepy sounds, bangs, sudden noises. But during films or key points of the game there will be music. Most of the songs have a creepy feel to them or can capture a certain emotion really well, there composed really well.

Game play
This is were Silent Hill 4 is made different from the previous Silent Hill games. They have taken out the fact you had to go to the menu screen to check health, as there is now a health bar at the top of the screen. You can now change weapons in real time, instead of going into the menu screen. There is only two guns in Silent Hill 4, a pistol, and revolver, and ammo is much more rare than the last games. This mostly because Silent Hill 4’s combat system mostly relays on a new system relays on melee weapons. If you have a bat, a quick tap will result in a quick swipe, while holding the attack button results in a more powerful swipe. One thing that made Silent Hill fans annoyed was the Resident Evil idea of being able to hold only ten items, and items such as bullets cant be combined, this results in taking up space.
You also have to make a trip back to Henrys apartment to save, heal, and store items, this can be annoying.

As with earlier Silent Hills you can pick the difficulty of your game, these range from Easy, Normal and Hard, also you can pick the difficulty of the games puzzles, again, Easy Normal and Hard. Of course, as the game progresses, the game puts you in more dangerous situations.


The story’s timeline is set after silent hill 2. Henry is trapped in his apartment in South Ashfield, his phone and TV doesn’t work, his windows wont open and his door is locked in chains. After 5 days, he finds a portal leading to areas that are unknown to him, as the story goes on, he finds out he is becoming the next target of a murderer mentioned in a news article in Silent Hill 2: Walter Sullivan.

The story may sound completely strange, but the fact is, the story isn’t about Henry. It revolves around Walter Sullivan, as the game progresses you learn more about the guy. Why is he doing this? Why is your room turning this way? What is actually going on? All this is explained, it’s a nice idea. 9/10


There’s lots of extras to keep you replaying. There are four endings 1 bad, 1 average, one good yet bad, and a good ending. There are new weapons available once you completed the game. New game modes etc.



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