Meet Evi

Finally, competition for Siri. Meet Evi, available for iPhone (not just the 4S) and Android.
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This should get filed under ‘only in America’, or ‘everyone can have a doctor title these days’, but here’s an article by a Dr. Keith Ablow who claims Siri is harmful for kids. It’s funny and sad to read at the same time.

I have laughed at Siri. I have gotten angry with Siri and called her names.

He obviously has issues. Maybe mister psychiatrist should go see a psychiatrist?

That’s why I told Siri just now, “Siri, I hate you.” She seemed irritated. She said, “Noted.” But she’ll still give me directions and send my emails. So, it doesn’t really matter that I told her that. That’s the point.

Seriously dude… get help.

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